Your In-App Surveys Just Got Better with New Question Types

Capture more data from your in-app surveys with the new question types added to Guidebook Forms. It is easier than ever for users to share important information with you. 

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New In-App Survey Question Features

Date and Time

Easily collect date and time information consistently with new Date and Time question formats. Data review for this information has never been more simple. 

Prospective students can request a campus tour or overnight stay. Event attendees can share their travel itineraries to inform your airport shuttle schedules.

in-app survey date and time

Photo and Video Upload 

Gather user-generated content quickly and enhance reporting with Photo and Video Uploads.

Facilitate hazard and incident reporting by making it easy for employees to document the details. For Events, drive engagement with a photo/video scavenger hunt that gets your attendees out of their seats. 

in-app surveys photo and video upload

Email Notification

With this new question type, users simply input an email address. A copy of the form response will be sent to that email address. You can send a copy of your response to yourself for record-keeping, or you may need to send a copy of your response to another team member for accountability. 

in-app surveys email notification


The following in-app survey question types are all available with Guidebook Forms:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Dropdown
  • Sliding Scale
  • Branching Path
  • Grid
  • Checkbox
  • Free Response
  • Date (New!)
  • Time (New!)
  • Photo Upload (New!)
  • Video Upload (New!)
  • Email Notification (New!)

Get the most out of your in-app survey questions

New question types for your in-app surveys empower your users and your teams alike with improved data collection. This creates more informed & prompt action. Keep an eye out for more updates on Forms functionality. 

We continue to enhance our product offering to help you achieve your goals. Learn more about the new question types and other improvements to the Guidebook platform in the feature release log.

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