Emergency Event Registration Plan: 14 Ideas to Sell Tickets Fast.

Do you need an emergency event registration plan?

For the best event marketing, follow a multi-channel plan like the ones outlined in the Event Marketing Timeline.

But if you’re not selling as many tickets as you’d hoped, we can help you meet that goal.

Before You Panic

Maybe there’s a glitch in the registration software. The first step is to be certain it’s not a reporting or data collection problem.

Test the system.

First, perform some troubleshooting to be absolutely sure your event registration plan is working smoothly all the way through. Test every landing page. Click every button.

Review registration time stamps.

Look for long gaps without any signups. This could indicate a website or software malfunction.

Just ask.

Call a few of the people who were able to sign up, and ask if there were any hiccups in the process. (This might sound intrusive, but if you explain the situation, they’ll probably be happy to help.)

Your Emergency Event Registration Plan

If it seems like there’s nothing wrong with the system, it’s time for some new conclusions. Maybe your message isn’t compelling enough. Maybe you’ve targeted the wrong people, or you just need a different approach.

Launch a new offer.

What would happen if you blasted your channels with a 24-hour offer that would include a night’s hotel stay, a special VIP entry, or even a limited-edition t-shirt? Get your speakers and sponsors involved in sharing the news! Give them a copy of the timeline from your event registration plan so they can coordinate their messages with yours.

Re-think the benefits.

“Pricing maybe isn’t–and wasn’t even in the past–the prime incentive for attendees to register,” says Tony Spiloes, Events Advisor at adekSpo. Ask your early attendees why they registered: what got them on the hook? “Then ask them what you could offer as an incentive to drive registration.”

Focus on the sponsors.

Your sponsors have brand credibility and they could be a big selling point. They’re also major stakeholders. Share your event registration plan with them so their marketing efforts align with yours. Then launch a campaign centered around your sponsors and what they have to offer at the event.

Show off your mobile event app.

This is the most comprehensive and easy-to-navigate collection of all your event information: schedules, speaker and sponsor info, maps and party details. Include the app download instructions in your emails so people can peruse the app right away and get excited about your event.

You can also give them a link to the web-based version of the event guide, as some people prefer to view on their computers. The more you can get people invested in the attractions at your event, the more likely they are to sign up.

Find a new audience.

“Can you affiliate with a good charity and give them a donation?” asks Dorothe Riley-Green, president of Orlando Caribbean Catering, a full-service events agency covering all of Central Florida. “If it’s relevant to their audience, they may share their lists.” Trying a new angle, even at the eleventh hour, can give you a fresh perspective and really shake up your event registration plan!

Ask for social shares.

Create a contest: Registrants and audience universe members who share your registration link will be entered to win.

Market the details.

Tell your audience about specific sessions, parties and speakers. The next time you’re planning, share this information as early as possible in your event registration plan.

Get everyone talking.

Start an online conversation with your speakers and panelists. Host a Q&A on Twitter, revealing some of the topics of your upcoming sessions.

Create more urgency.

When the tone of your event registration plan isn’t cutting it, it may be appropriate to try some more dramatic language. Tweak the calls to action on your landing pages and in your social posts. Register Now! Time is Running Out!

Ping the press.

This could be a good time to give a free ticket to a reporter or blogger you’ve worked with pre-event. Give them access to the schedule, your step-by-step event registration plan, and the mobile app–and put them in touch with the keynote speaker for an interview.

Boost visibility on Facebook.

It’s very easy to pay to get your post in front of more people with the “Boost Post” feature. Just choose a budget, then specify targeting and the number of eyeballs you’d like to see your post.

Of course, these strategies don’t need to be relegated just to your emergency event registration plan. Even before the eleventh hour, these are best practices for troubleshooting the process, analyzing what appeals to your audience, and getting the message out.

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