A World Cup App for Your Gametime Events

Wayne Morris runs Guidebook operations in the UK and EMEA.


Many businesses will be thinking about putting on an event of some kind that features the World Cup, but the question that is front-of-mind for many marketers and event planners is:

“How can my business gain ROI from this type of corporate entertainment?”

There are obvious advantages: an event such as this provides the perfect opportunity to network with clients and colleagues alike, helping to build relationships, enhance reputation and share knowledge. Let’s not forget people buy from people they like – therefore customer experience has never been more important.

Events are going mobile

Guidebook, which provides a platform for building mobile apps that connect people, events and locations, can help deliver the benefits of a more engaged audience by changing the way in which people and places connect and communicate before, during and after the event. And furthermore, it can do so cost-effectively, whilst enabling users to create a branded, secure central repository for important information. The beauty of Guidebook is that all the necessary information about the event – date, time, location, etc – is available in a centralised location.

Build your own World Cup App

It’s simple and quick to build your own App, and you can customise the information in the way you want to present it to clients. If anything changes you can simply update the information so that your delegates are informed instantly. Before the event or game, attendees can download the World Cup App with all the necessary information included.

But more than that; imagine how people might engage with each other better if real-time information was available about the players; the venue where the game is being played; or even the ability to share comments or thoughts on the World Cup.

Business benefits in real terms

First of all, painless pre-event promotion through Guidebook will save you money, time and any hassle. It will also enable you to more accurately gauge attendance for your event. Again, this can help in saving funds as you won’t overspend on the event if you are laying on food, or ensuring that the venue you select is appropriately sized, for example.

Not only do you gain all of these benefits, but the external impression that your company portrays can be dramatically improved. Apps are forward-thinking and tech savvy. When you build a World Cup App for your event you’ll be seen as a company who cares about the environment with all of the paper you’d save on invites, programmes etc. And it’s a certainty that the time, effort and care you invest in your clients will be duly noted.

The user experience is completely transformed

As mentioned previously, communication with the guests will be much easier before, during and after the event. At its most basic, attendees will receive clear information on the event; all in one place, with painless directions through interactive mapping. This communication isn’t just one-way either, as your attendees can provide direct feedback on all aspects of your event. Of course it is essential that you listen to whatever feedback is given and act upon it in the future.

Finally, Guidebook provides a unique networking opportunity to your guests prior to the event, which they can then utilise to get additional value during and after the event – from sharing thoughts, comments, and photos, to taking the initial introduction inspired by the World Cup to develop potential business opportunities or shared best practices.

Processes will be revolutionised and the customer experience entirely redesigned.

So, guide your users that bit closer to the Beautiful Game and each other… get in there and build a World Cup App (it’s free) today.