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Dearest blog readers and subscribers,

Wow! We had so many entries into the subscriber contest this week. We’re really looking forward to sharing occasional relevant, high-value content with you–all designed to make you an even more awesome event professional.

Just some examples of the kind of stuff we publish:

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Drumroll please!

Congratulations to Alice Golembo, Director of Special Events for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. You won the Tech Gift Basket! (We’ll reach out to you for shipping details.)

We’ll hold more subscriber contests in the future, so watch this space!

We asked, and you answered:

For those of you who answered our extra question, we learned a LOT about the things you wished you’d learned when you started out as a planner. (It’ll be fodder for a fantastic article in the future–so many thought-provoking and entertaining comments!)

As an event planner, what have you learned that you wish someone would have told you earlier in your career?

“When something can go wrong, it will (Murphy’s Law). My outlook on this reality is: It’s all about how you bounce back and solve the issue.”
Carly Ekstein, Managing Matters Inc.

“It’s like herding cats.”
Ray Nothnagel, Anime Punch

“Buy yourself a really good pair of comfortable shoes. You’re going to be on your feet more than you can imagine.”
Andrew Yeager-Buckley, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

“To ask, ask, and ask again. Almost everything can be negotiated, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Also, partnering and trades are priceless.”
Jessica Murnane, Hoopla Communications

“Your agenda will never be finished until the event is finished. Everything can and may change.”
Paige Zaremba, NASM

“Fatten up that rolodex. You can’t have too many resources.”
Caryn Laird, Down The Hall

“Create an event ‘survival’ kit with anything you could possibly need at an event. It will come in handy and you will look like a genius!”
Christine Patrick, Tangipahoa Home Builders Association

“Plan for the world ending.”
Emily Britton, New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation

Thank you for all your wonderful responses, and welcome to the Guidebook family!