Welcome Students, Alumni, and Families Back to Campus with an Event App

As the fall semester approaches, universities and colleges are gearing up to welcome students back to campus. In order to engage students, faculty, alumni, and parents effectively, many institutions are turning to mobile apps as a powerful tool. 

This blog post will explore how a campus app can support programs that welcome students back to campus in the fall. We will focus on key events such as Family Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, and Fall Semester Graduation. Let’s get into the features and benefits of a campus app to enhance these programs and create a thriving campus community.

Highpoint University campus app

A Warm Welcome for Students and Parents with a Family Weekend App

Family Weekend is designed to welcome and involve families and parents in the university experience with their students. For one weekend each year, families are invited to visit the campus. They can explore its facilities, attend various activities, and spend quality time with their students. The activities and events often include campus tours, academic presentations, cultural showcases, sports games, and social gatherings. 

Family Weekend provides an excellent opportunity for families to gain insight into their student’s academic and social life. They can meet their friends, interact with faculty and staff, and experience the university’s community firsthand. It fosters a sense of inclusion and pride for both the students and their families. And it’s a time for making lasting memories together on campus. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for families, give them a dedicated Family Weekend app. This app simplifies logistics by providing information on parking, hotel accommodations, interactive maps, daily event schedules, and more. 

Benefits of a Campus App for Family Weekend

A Family Weekend event app provides an array of benefits for both students and parents, streamlining the entire experience and fostering a more connected and engaging event. For students, the app offers a one-stop platform where they can easily plan their weekends, synchronize their schedules with parents, and explore exciting activities to partake in together. They can receive timely event reminders, access relevant information, and seamlessly coordinate with their families. On the other hand, parents can feel more at ease with the app’s instant updates, ensuring they don’t miss any important moments or changes to the schedule. 

They can also stay informed about campus facilities and services, making the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable. The app fosters a sense of community by allowing families to share photos, messages, and memories. Helping them to forge lasting connections with the institution and its vibrant student body. With our Family Weekend app, students and parents can create cherished memories and make the most out of this memorable occasion.

Here are just a few Family Weekend App features you can include in your app when you build it on the Guidebook platform.

  • Schedule info with the option to add certain events to a personal schedule
  • Schedule tracks that differ based on a student’s intended area of study or academic interests
  • Interactive maps that help students and families know where to go
  • Gated lists that customize who can view specific content 
  • Real-time notifications for announcements and sharing any last-minute changes
  • Surveys to engage with and collect feedback from students and their families

High Point University campus app

Rebuilding Connections and School Pride with Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming weekend is a traditional event celebrated by many colleges and universities, primarily in the United States. It is a time when current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the broader university community come together to celebrate their institution’s history, pride, and spirit. 

Homecoming typically occurs during the fall semester and centers around a major football game, although other sports events may also be involved. The festivities usually span a few days, with a variety of activities and events planned to engage the entire community. 

Northwestern University campus app

Some common components of Homecoming weekend include:

  1. Football Game: The highlight of homecoming is often a football game featuring the university’s team. Share game day information within your university event app.
  2. Parade: Many universities organize a festive parade, showcasing floats, marching bands, and various student organizations. The parade often winds through campus or the surrounding community. Add a map of the parade route to your Homecoming event app and include important landmarks or popular local businesses near the route.
  3. Pep Rally: A pep rally is held to boost team spirit before the big game. Share the lyrics to your university fight song as a PDF, a list of pep rally performers and speakers, and safety information all in your app built on the Guidebook platform.
  4. Tailgating: Before the football game, tailgating parties take place. Alumni, students, and fans gather to socialize, grill food, and enjoy the pre-game festivities. Have a local restaurant or bar sponsor your app, so they can promote their tailgating party through options like a banner add on the app menu or push notifications.
  5. Reunions: Homecoming often coincides with class reunions, providing opportunities for alumni to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about their college days. Add an interactive social feed in your Homecoming app for alumni to reconnect with each other.
  6. Campus Events: Various campus-wide events, such as concerts, dance performances, comedy shows, and art exhibitions, add to the festive atmosphere. Include a schedule of events for the whole weekend and enable custom schedules, so anyone can add all the events they want to attend in one place.
  7. Crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen: A popular tradition is the crowning of a Homecoming King and Queen, typically elected by the student body. Give this year’s royalty a shout-out on the app by posting their pictures in the social feed.

Homecoming Weekend Campus App

Homecoming weekend fosters a sense of community and pride within the university. It promotes a strong connection between current students and alumni. It’s a time to celebrate the institution’s history, traditions, and achievements while creating new memories and strengthening the bond between generations of students.

With the help of a Homecoming app, attendees can access comprehensive event information. This includes schedules, locations, and special announcements. This assures that they never miss out on any exciting moments. Moreover, the app serves as a powerful tool for promoting alumni engagement and fostering networking opportunities. It helps to create a vibrant and connected community. With the Homecoming Weekend app, universities can amplify the spirit of homecoming, strengthening alumni bonds and instilling a sense of pride in their alma mater.

Northwestern University campus app

Campus App for Fall Commencement

Organizing commencement ceremonies requires careful planning and a dedicated mobile app. The app provides valuable information like schedules, parking details, accessibility assistance, and local dining options. 

For example, the College of Charleston improved efficiency by transitioning to a comprehensive app that includes parking information, a campus map, and insights into commencement traditions. Previously, the College of Charleston used a website and printed booklets to share information with students and their families. It was challenging for information to be clearly communicated. However, with the introduction of their mobile app, efficiency, and organization significantly improved. The app has become an invaluable resource for students and ceremony attendees, surpassing the capabilities of their previous tools.

Loyola Marymount University and Spelman College prioritize effective communication through push notifications, safety features, FAQs, and networking opportunities. You can read more about what features these three schools included in their commencement app here. Regardless of the institution’s size, a mobile app ensures convenience for guests. It grants instant access to schedules, venue locations, and parking information. Enhance the fall commencement ceremony with a user-friendly app for a seamless experience.

The Power of a Campus App for Fall Events

A campus app is a powerful tool. An app can revolutionize the way universities welcome students back to campus in the fall. Incorporate features tailored to events like Family Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, and Fall Graduation. Create a vibrant and engaged campus community. 

Leverage the capabilities of the Guidebook platform. Enhance welcome programs, foster connections, and provide a seamless and enriching experience for all members of the campus community. Anyone can do it! Guidebook offers a simple drag-and-drop app builder so you can create an app in just a few simple steps. 

Book a demo today! And if you like a feature from one of the apps we referenced in this post, be sure to mention it. 

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