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During these unprecedented times, we know there’s a lot to think as we all move to a more virtual way of life. We’ve helped colleges and universities transition events, communications, and student programs to mobile, and we’re happy to share our learnings with the Guidebook community. Here, you’ll find tips and best practices for adapting your student engagement strategies for virtual.





Guidebook for Virtual

Learn more about how Guidebook mobile apps enhance virtual events.


Blogs and Resources

Tips and insights on mobile for higher education.

How Universities Can Leverage Mobile to Support Students

If you’ve been using Guidebook for events on campus, you’ve got a handy engagement tool at your fingertips. Learn how to leverage that campus app!

Mobile Apps for Digital Higher Education – Your Questions Answered
So many great questions were asked in our recent GuideTalk: Mobile Apps for Digital Higher Education. But with limited time, we couldn’t quite get to ’em all. Promised we’d follow up! 

Product Update: Self-Guided Virtual Tours
Schools around the world use our self-guided tour product to offer prospective students the most flexible campus tours out there. And with our latest updates, they’re only getting better.

How to Create a Health Guide For Your Campus
Learn how to use Guidebook’s Builder to improve communications with your school staff and students during hectic times by leveraging mobile.

Be THE Mobile Expert on Campus
Here’s how you can learn to be the mobile technology expert at your school–allowing you to advocate for tools and programs that embrace smartphone use.

Campus Tours in the Age of Social Distancing – Your Questions Answered
Check out the full list of questions and answers from our recent GuideTalk: Campus Tours in the Age of Social Distancing.  

GuideTalk Webinars

Get a hands-on look at how to go virtual with Guidebook product experts.


GuideTalk: Mobile Apps in Support of Digital Higher Education

In this webinar, we will discuss how to communicate and engage with Admitted students before they commit and New Students before Fall Semester. Due to the uncertain times, It is more important now than ever to have a direct line of communication to students if and when plans change. Even though students are not able to visit campus this summer, they need to engage, communicate, and convey vital information is just as important.


GuideTalk: Campus Tours in the Age of Social Distancing

We’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic bring significant obstacles to how institutions engage with their audiences. Tours, which help new incoming students, prospective students and families, alumni, and other members of your campus community safely experience your campus are still just as important to attract and build connections. But during this age of social distancing, how can institutions foster engagement with the community’s safety in mind?

Join this session to learn how institutions are leveraging mobile Self-Guided Tours to fill information gaps and provide an interactive campus experience that can be explored at home or on campus while maintaining social distance.


Guidebook for Virtual

Learn more about how Guidebook mobile apps enhance virtual events.


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