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Guidebook empowers you to create beautiful, impressive apps for your events and your communities. We are obsessed with user engagement, effective communication, and real-time analytics to help partners like you maximize the value of our platform. 

With the easy-to-use interface, you can manage content, send notifications, and publish updates instantaneously. Your audience can share their experiences and connect with one another using our suite of networking tools.

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While events represent a significant part of what we do, the core elements of content delivery, engagement, and metrics form universal building blocks for success in diverse settings. 

Higher education institutions strive to capture the attention of prospective students and nurture their current students on their journeys. Our campus partners use Guidebook to connect, collaborate, and care for their communities. 

Associations and enterprise organizations of all sizes also use Guidebook to support their networks, keep members/employees involved, and meet the needs of their audiences.

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Guidebook – More Than Just an Event App

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite non-event use cases — See what our users are creating!

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How Guidebook Uses Guidebook for Remote Work

When Guidebook went remote, the team adopted a team app to maintain a sense of connection. Learn how mobile is keeping our team informed and engaged.

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Whatever your next guide may be, we have templates based on successful clients’ designs to inspire you and help you reach your goals. Get started on your next app!