Your Top 10 Event Tech Needs: Elevate Engagement & Alleviate Stress with Mobile Apps - Part 1

Event tech is changing event management for the better. The competition in the fast-paced world of conferences, meetings, and large-scale events is only increasing. The right technology can help your event stand out. Create meaningful experiences, increase YOY on revenue, and get the correct information into attendee’s hands at the right time.

From on-site registration, mobile apps, event engagement, networking, and more, assessing any new technology is tricky, and for event organizers, time is precious. Here, we look at some of the key considerations in that process.

1. Saving the Bottom Line with Event Tech

Margins for events have gotten tighter. You need to find technology that helps save on cost and time while improving efficiency and process. Look for partners that allow you to open up new revenue streams and opportunities to add to your event success.

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2. Engaging Attendees with User-Friendly Event Tech 

Ensure event tech solutions boast intuitive designs to facilitate seamless navigation and engagement for your attendees. End users will engage more with an app or technology and return to it if they can dissect the information they need quickly, stay informed, and feel there are no barriers. Things to consider: 

  • Can your team quickly build and implement the solution?
  • Bring key customers and clients into the decision-making process to get buy-in
  • Test multiple solutions through the lens of your attendees 

3. Helping Your Team with Administrative Ease

Technology should save you time and have a more significant impact than the solutions you are currently using. Choose platforms that not only cater to end-users but also prioritize an easy and efficient experience for administrators managing the event. 

  • Can it connect with your current tech stack?
  • Are you creating time-saving opportunities? 
  • Are you clear on the process you are looking to change?
  • Could an event app be the answer?

4. Getting Peace of Mind with Responsive Customer Service

Event planning comes with many natural stresses, and technology should alleviate those rather than add them. Identify solutions that have reliable and responsive customer service, addressing concerns promptly to enhance overall user satisfaction. You need to feel reassured in the build-up and days of the event that you are not alone if something goes wrong. 

  • Does the technology come with customer support?
  • Check time zones of support and response time. Events are a moment in time.

event tech - updates

5. Publishing Real-Time Updates with Event Tech

Everyone hopes that nothing changes the night before or on the day of your events. But we all know updates are needed, and often at pace. Opt for event tech offering real-time updates and interactive features, transforming passive attendees into active participants. 

  • Can you implement changes instantly? 
  • Check you can have multiple admins to run changes

Could an Event App be the best fit for your organization?

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Want the rest of the list? Keep reading! These are just some things to consider when selecting event tech solutions. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll explore additional strategies and tools to ensure your events meet and exceed expectations.