Upgrade hospitality with a Bed and Breakfast App

As rewarding as it can be, being the owner of a bed and breakfast is no easy job. Running one means you get to meet people from all walks of life, but how can you ensure that you’re providing the best possible experience for your guests? After all, referrals and return guests can make up a big portion of your business.

There’s no magical one-size-fits-all solution, but for many B&B owners, creating a mobile “guide” is a new, innovative, and inexpensive way of solving many of the issues that guests commonly have. Not to mention, it really makes your business stand out in the crowd. Let’s explore why that is…

Communication is key

At the heart of it, communication (or a lack thereof) can really make or break a guest’s trip. Out-of-towners, likely unfamiliar with the area, would have a much more enjoyable experience if they simply knew some of the best sights to see and restaurants to check out. This is where mobile apps come to the rescue.

Now when we talk about creating a “mobile guide,” what we’re getting at is the ability to easily, quickly, and inexpensively create your very own mobile app that can be downloaded to each and every one of your guest’s smartphones, tablets, or computers. The app is flexible enough to house all sorts of different content, from listing out your favorite attractions to allowing guests to share photos highlighting their trips. Some people even include the ability to call an Uber in the app, and house their own referral code there for some extra dough.

Check out some of the more common things people include in their bed and breakfast apps.

What goes into a Bed and Breakfast app?

attendees feature

Community building

With social media integrations and your own in-app Guest Wall, you can allow your users to interact with each other directly on the app. From sharing photos and funny stories to thanking you for your hospitality, this interactive feed is a great way to engage your guests.

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Local Events

Brief research of your city usually won’t uncover the smaller, local events that are going on. If you really want to give your guests an exceptional experience, we suggest using your app to bring some local flavors to their attention. Engaging with locals can make your guests’ overall experience much more enjoyable.

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WiFi information

Eliminate any confusion about networks or long passwords by ensuring your guests have your wifi credentials listed straight on the app. And since they can download it natively to their phones ahead of time, you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues.

local restaurant recommendations

Restaurant recommendations

Chances are, you have a favorite restaurant or bar in the area. Your guests? Probably not. Yelp and Google can uncover some suggestions, but let’s make sure your guests don’t miss out on the good stuff.


Sightseeing and nearby attractions

Your guests have probably done some research ahead of time on your city. They think they have a rough itinerary of activities during their stay. But they don’t have the inside scoop. Use this space to warn them about any notoriously busy sights, and direct them toward some underrated attractions. They will thank you!

custom branding

Custom branding

Want to customize your app with your own color scheme? Go for it; match your app with that new wallpaper you just put up. Guidebook’s Builder gives you infinite branding possibilities, as well as a suite of pre-made templates if you need some guidance.

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Safety & Emergency Information

Safety first! Make sure your guests always know safety protocol. First aid kids, fire extinguishers, exit routes… leave no room for accidents to get worse!

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Improve your social media presence

Tie your social media networks directly into the app. If your guests have a positive experience, it’ll be that much easier for them to give you a like, following, or rave review!

Promotional materials and a dedicated landing page

Easily communicate download instructions to your guests via posters, fliers, or on your website. Your app gets its own landing page with step-by-step instructions on how to download the app to a smartphone or tablet, so it couldn’t be easier.


How does it work?

Simple. When guests book a room online, over the phone, or in person, you can go ahead and share your app’s download link and password. From there, your guests can download your app and it’s smooth sailin’.

Interested in providing your guests with a native mobile app on their phones that provides them with every piece of information they could need throughout their stay? Sign up and get started. Your first five users are completely free, followed by just $5 per device after that. Leading up to and during their stay, your guests will feel welcome every step of the way.

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