Soup-to-Nuts Event Marketing Tips

So you’re marketing an event, are you? Good for you! Event marketing is a killer way to reach hundreds – or even thousands – of people with impactful, meaningful experiences. If you’re in search of event marketing tips, it means that you understand there is a lot of nuance when it comes to gaining attendance and buy-in from the people to whom you’re going to be marketing.

That’s why we’ve organized all of the Guidebook Blog’s best event marketing tips into this one page for your convenience. Everything from branding an event to crafting experience – it’s time that you made sure you were getting the most out of your events and making them pay.

As you browse the shelf of Soup-to-Nuts Event Marketing Tips, think about ways that you can begin to connect with your attendees that go beyond the old humdrum conferences and expos of days past. Let’s all start thinking in terms of maximum impact and delivering meaning to each individual!

How Should I Be Advertising My Event?

We’re often asked about promoting when you have very few resources, or how to market when marketing is not your specialty. It’s all about picking your battles. We list out the concepts and tools you’ll need to know to advertise your event and get more registrants, then leave you with some helpful resources. It’s a back-to-basics guide!

Your Event Needs Its Own War Room

As we discuss ways to make events extremely personal and give our attendees true experiences that exceed their expectations, it’s hard not to wonder, “What do the actual logistics of something like that that look like?” That’s where the concept of The War Room comes into play. That’s right – we’re talking about a central command center where all hell can break loose if it needs to. Just like in the movies.

Event Marketing Is Great, But Where Are The Conversions?

Event marketing is, in many ways, content marketing you can touch. Can you apply methodologies from content to acquire, nurture and close new customers from events?

Evolve Your Meeting Into a Personal Experience for Attendees

Our participants want personal experiences. We can’t escape it. We live in an on-demand world and our culture has developed into one of power-consumers. What does this mean for us as meeting planners and event organizers? It means that our audiences are used to consuming large amounts of information and – perhaps more importantly – only the information that they want to know.

Why Is Event PR So Hard?

Unless you’re a huge, established organization with a big budget, there often isn’t much of a rulebook for event PR. But in this case, the lack of clear direction can work in your favor! Let’s learn to pitch influencers and tastemakers, offer them free entry, and get maximum return from event PR–without stretching your team too thin.

Personal Branding for Event Planners

In one way or another, we’ve all had to think about our branding. What is the overall message that we’re putting out into the world? How do we want people to experience that message? And in what way do we want to deliver that experience? For an event planner, your business’ brand is often wrapped up into your own personal brand, and having definitive answers to these questions is what’s going to distinguish you from the rest.

Emergency Event Registration Plan

Do you need an emergency event registration plan? If you’re not selling as many tickets as you’d hoped, we can help you meet that goal.

The 4 Requirements for Every Event Hashtag

We’re often asked about the best practices for event hashtaggery. Using a hashtag is an effective way to organize and measure the messages your audience is sharing–but it’s easy to make a fatal mistake. Stick with these guidelines!

Your Event Marketing Plan

Your audience will find you in different ways. They’ll respond to a variety of approaches. The most successful event marketing plan starts early and utilizes multiple channels. So how will you stay organized and measure everything?

Event Marketing Timeline Infographic

Event marketing is like fishing with numerous types of tempting bait, poles all  hanging off the side of your boat while you strategically dip them into the water at different times in highly calculated combinations. That’s why we created this event marketing timeline–an infographic that illustrates the types of complex and unexpected ways you’ll capture registrants using many marketing channels.

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