Single Sign-On for Guidebook Apps

Single Sign-on (SSO) provides a secure way for users to log into Guidebook-powered apps using their existing company/organization credentials.

Why use SSO?

  • No extra login credentials to memorize: Allow your employees to use their primary company log-in to sign into your app – no need to remember separate Guidebook credentials. A smooth log-in process will ensure better adoption across your users.
  • Improved security and reduced administrative costs: All of the security precautions your IT team put into place to protect sensitive company data will be automatically applied to your app (password complexity/length criteria, mandatory resets, inactivity timeouts, etc.).
  • Simple user management: If someone leaves the company, they will lose access to the app when their company credentials are removed. If you want to restrict access to specific subsets of your employees, that’s easy to do.

How can I be sure that SSO will work for me?

To implement Single Sign-On, you will need a SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider (IdP) and an IT engineer capable of handling the implementation. If you need help configuring your SAML IdP to work with Guidebook, feel free to reach out to your Account Executive or for assistance.