Say "I Do" with wedding event app technology

We know when it comes to your wedding, every little detail needs to be perfect. Everything counts, right down from the venue to the dinner menu to the font size and cardstock of name plates. Your special day is a big deal, and that’s why we want to make it easier with a mobile app.

Weddings aren’t what they used to be. They’ve transcended from the traditional walk down the aisle to a grand affair with many spectacular moving parts. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a Pinterest trend warrior, having a mobile guide will make you and your guests’ lives a whole lot easier.

Say “I do” to some of these features that are found in Guidebook’s wedding apps!

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One of the hardest things about weddings is communicating things to so many guests as well as having smooth communication with each other! Interact acts as a social wall for your event where you and your guests can add comments to a newsfeed. Don’t worry, you’ll have full control of moderating content.



There will be no White Rabbits or room for error on your special day because you’ll have the entire affair scheduled, planned, and mapped. Upload your wedding schedule and guests will know what to expect and where to be– whether it’s time for you to walk down the aisle or to jump into the photo booth for fun pictures! You can even customize schedules for your bridal party or groom’s party so everyone knows their own catered tasks.

Custom branding

Does your entire wedding have a color theme like Tiffany Blue and Eggshell White? Guidebook’s Builder gives you infinite branding possibilities, as well as a suite of pre-made templates if you need some extra guidance.



You didn’t do hours of research, phone calls, and visiting venues for nothing! List any relevant venues, along with a visual map of where your wedding is. This can include where the reception holds place, what hotel your guests are staying at, and much more.


What’s on the menu tonight? Let your guests know what will be served ahead of time, and avoid any mishaps with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Wedding album

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Share those breathtaking moments and let those photos tell the unique story of your love by uploading your wedding photos. Since everyone can contribute their own photos, you can be sure that every magical moment will be captured and shared.


Effortlessly display your wedding registry within the app! No matter which website you’re using, you can easily and effortlessly connect it.

Social media

Display all the social posts from your wedding on Twitter or the social handle of your choosing! You can link your own account to it, as well as display all the hashtagged posts specific to your wedding. Ex: “#KatyandAndrewTietheKnot2018”

How does it work?

After you and your partner have finalized your invitation list, you can go ahead and share your app’s download link and password via email or printed on their invitation cards! With different levels of security, you are in complete control of who has access to your guide. With an app for your wedding, you can provide and plan every detail of one of the biggest moments of your life!


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