QR Codes for In-App Content

New Feature: QR Pages

QR pages allow users to access information and resources in a snap! You can print hard copies or display QR codes digitally. Users simply scan the code with their device camera to view content inside your custom mobile application.

Users that don’t have the app yet are prompted to download it and re-scan the code to access your content.


QR codes for mobile apps

How it Works

Setting up QR pages is quick and easy with Guidebook’s Builder CMS.

  1. Add content to Custom Lists: The QR page can have only the QR code with no additional text on the page. Or you can add content from your Custom Lists including text, images, PDF attachments, web links, surveys, and other tools to help you deliver content effectively. Some examples are sponsor pages, staff contact information, campus resources, and documents.
  2. Configure your QR Pages: Customize the size of the QR codes to fit into different settings like stickers, flyers, or posters. Size is customizable for digital displays as well, like on a website, in a presentation, or on a large screen. Test out different configurations in Builder to create the best user experience.
  3. Distribute your QR Pages: After configuring and exporting your QR pages, it’s time to get them in front of your users. Promote your QR pages through email or other outlets to encourage engagement and drive up your ROI.


Making the most of QR Pages


Deliver content to your users quickly by providing QR Pages on abstract poster boards, in presentation slideshows, and more. With a quick scan, users can access more information in the app — including videos, links to PDFs, or websites.


Go beyond information and resources: use QR Pages to promote networking and gather feedback. Users can instantly schedule appointments, complete forms, and take advantage of other powerful tools.

Your Use-Case, Your Goals

Ultimately, QR pages are flexible and are an effective tool for increasing engagement. And if you need guidance configuring or distributing your QR pages, we’ve got you covered! Reach out to your Account Manager with any questions. We are here to help you create strategies that support your team’s unique needs.