Optimizely’s Excellent User Conference App

Optimizely is a website optimization company. With their powerful A/B testing tools, a company can determine the best site configuration to drive engagement, interactions, and conversions. Their technology is used by the likes of Disney, Starbucks and Salesforce. When Optimizely wanted to host a user conference – OptiCon – they knew that a successful tech company like themselves absolutely needed a user conference app.

Andrea O’Conner, Event Marketing Manager at Optimizely, recognized that a printed guide to Opticon wasn’t going to cut it for her attendees.

“I’ve always been a proponent of printed guides…but they don’t make sense.”

Andrea used Guidebook for her user conference app

When the cost of printing was weighed against the added value of an all-digital guide, there really wasn’t any comparison. A vibrant digital user conference like OptiCon needed the ability to update in real time and connect with its audience in case of last-minute changes.

“There’s just a lot of value in having an app instead.”

Guidebook was able to provide the perfect solution for Optimizely’s user conference app. Not only did it give OptiCon the ability to easily distribute schedules, maps and speaker bios – but it offered the capability to send push notifications directly to the attendees’ devices. This eliminated any worry over trying to contact the attendees about any day-of changes to the schedule.

Optimizely's excellent user conference app

Perhaps best of all, the user conference app came with incredible, personalized customer service in the form of Christian Stump, a Customer Success Associate at Guidebook. Christian acted as a “Guidebuilder” on the project, and synthesized all of Andrea’s materials into a polished guide. Andrea supplied Christian with the guide’s assets, and Christian took on the task of building it out into a fully functioning user conference app.

“It was just a great experience from start to finish.”

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