More Than Just a Gym App: The Official JCC App is Launched!

The JCC is an organization that includes a network of 350 Jewish Community Centers and summer camps in the US. When members began asking for a mobile gym app, the JCC partnered with Guidebook.

The JCC app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This means that JCC members all over the continent have a go-to place to find detailed calendars, schedules, and other information to help them engage with their local center, as well as interactive features to help members network and communicate.

JCCs can build gym apps that include cultural activities, calendars and more.

A gym app… and more!

70 (and counting) JCCs across America have launched their own fully-branded apps with cultural calendars, program information, social sharing features, feedback surveys and polls, and fitness schedules. Guidebook makes it easy to build and publish mobile apps without the cost and hassle of an in-house IT team or consultant. Anyone can update content and instantly publish it to member’s mobile devices and tablets.

If you’d like to build community center or gym apps, you can try Guidebook for free.

And if you are looking for an app for your JCC, learn how you can take your JCC mobile!