Guidebook - More Than Just an Event App

Using Guidebook to create an app for your event is a no-brainer… but did you know that you can create more than just an event app with our platform? We’ve compiled a few of our favorites below — check them out!

Higher Education

Korea University College of Medicine (KUCM): Enhance Student Learning
KUCM relies on Guidebook to engage and communicate with students while streamlining printing costs and platforms. Engaging with students on various platforms often created confusion or missed information. With mobile, KUCM administration has seen improved communication and a reduction of questions and confusion during exam weeks. 

National University of Singapore (NUS): Residential Life App
NUS uses Guidebook to brand their Residence Life experience & create a community of engaged and informed students. Through mobile, National University of Singapore provides the 11,000 students living on campus with up-to-date information about residential life. 

Swansea University: Connecting with Prospective Students
Swansea University leverages mobile to innovate and connect with prospective students. With Guidebook, Swansea University benefits from a dynamic solution that reduces paper consumption and improves communication with prospective students. They now receive more, valuable feedback from students and their families to guide decision making.


Comcast: Summer Internship Program
Comcast was looking for a way to attract interns and create a talent pipeline that would help them alleviate some of the challenges they had with recruiting individuals. With mobile, they were able to connect with their students digitally. Guidebook helped them drive engagement and communication, keep costs down, and increase bandwidth for their team.

BAE Systems: Networking and Collaboration
BAE uses apps to improve networking and collaboration before, during, and after internal events. While BAE Systems leveraged internal meetings and conferences to bring together its global teams, the organization struggled to continue that collaboration following events. The company sought a solution that would connect its workforce and created a single, unified source of information for internal events.



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