How to Create a Free Wedding App


build a free wedding app todayA wedding app supplies essential information to friends and family. Whether it’s a destination wedding or a local affair, attendees will always know the schedule and directions to the reception. Distribute registry links, upload photos to a shared album, and get people tweeting with your hashtag!

It’s pretty safe to say that weddings are one of the most complex and intricate events out there. But what we’re finding is that more and more couples are using wedding apps to house collaborative wedding albums, share any important details, and provide lodging info and scheduling-all in one beautifully intuitive guide.

Take Monika, for example, who uses Guidebook to build mobile event apps for big conferences and events at her corporate job. When her niece asked her to be the production manager for her wedding, Monika built a mobile wedding app using Guidebook as an extra perk. It was a destination wedding: 140 people, a large bridal party, a complex travel itinerary, and a lot of moving pieces.

“A wedding app was the best way to let the guests track schedules, and it allows them to share contact information and reach out to each other without my help,” says Monika.

Nice move, Monika! But the wedding app is more than just an organizational tool. Monika’s guests were also able to navigate to sections of the app that introduce them to the bridal party and guests, which will help long-lost relatives and new family members connect. They’ll be able to share and tag photos, access social media right through the app, and leave comments and wishes for the happy couple, which Monika can export and share after the wedding.

“I just want to make it really fun for all the attendees,” says Monika.

And the best part? Building the wedding app is a snap. Monika signed up for a free Guidebook Builder account (the web interface that allows her to build her wedding app). She used the easy drag-and drop interface to choose icons for her app, and uploaded guests lists, images and maps with the click of a mouse. Wedding guests can download the app onto their mobile phones and tablets, or access the event details online. And if Monika needs to make last-minute changes, she can edit the app, click publish, and update the guests’ apps in real-time.

Here are a handful of features included in some of the coolest wedding apps we’ve seen so far, but you’ll find that Builder really lets you get creative in what you want included in your own personal wedding app. Have a suggestion that was a great addition to your wedding app? Send it our way, we love seeing the cool guides people are building using Guidebook’s Builder! 

What should I include in my wedding app?


feed_blueInteract is Guidebook’s social interactive feed. Typically defaulted as the home screen of the guide, Interact acts as a one-stop hub for your app’s most popular information. Guidebook’s algorithm pulls important information, admin and user submitted content, and all sorts of photos and sharing into one place. Even cooler, Interact surfaces guide information that’s relevant to the individual user here, ensuring your friends and family won’t have to look hard to find exactly what they’re looking for. Less time spent being confused, more time sharing photos and stories.

 Don’t worry about setting anything up for Interact. It’ll automatically fill up with content from your guide and posts from your attendees, resulting in a really intuitive social feed.


Wedding Album

Don’t worry about tracking down every single picture taken at your wedding to find that perfect one. A pivotal piece of any wedding app is the wedding album, where users can, you guessed it, post their favorite photos of the event to a big shared album. Likes and comments help push the most trending photos of the bride and groom to the top of your Interact feed, while the album as a whole ensures no one misses out on that perfect picture of the bride and groom.

Bridal Party
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.47.55 PM

Give your guests all the info they need to know about your bridal party, at their fingertips! Time, location, what to bring and what to expect… this is your chance to keep all that information in one, easy to find place. And to get people excited!



You made sure to book the perfect catering for your wedding. After all, you don’t get married every dutencils_defaultay, this is a celebration! But it wasn’t easy. Special dietary restrictions, plenty of meatless options and gluten-free everything. You did it. Now be sure to show off the delicious dinner list and let your attendees know the specifics- when to show up, what to expect, and what contains peanuts.


What would your wedding app be without a schedule of events? Give your friends and family everything they need to know about where and when to show up next. There’s no need for people to keep checking back on that email thread or paper invitation. Keeping it all in one place is a breeze with Guidebook.

And after the wedding (once the couple has sorted through mounds of gifts and schedule_defaultcongratulatory notes) Monika can view usage metrics too, just in case she’s wondering how people are using the wedding app. But we think the best metric will be all your guests asking you how in the world you built such an awesome app.

Watch the video and learn more about how Monika built and published a wedding app for Katie and Shane using a free Guidebook account!

“Guidebook is essential to my corporate job, and it turns out that it works perfectly for small personal events, too.”

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