Meet the Builder: Lily Guy

In our Meet the Builder video series, Lily explains her favorite Guidebook feature – templates for easy uploading.

A pleasure to serve

Imagine, if you will, a world where contacting customer support was a pleasure. A world, we daresay, where you even looked forward to speaking with a support representative. “Impossible,” you protest?

Well we can’t speak for the rest of the world – but we can tell you that at Guidebook our customers genuinely experience an environment where they feel personally taken care of and often build lasting relationships with their Customer Success Associate that continue from guide to guide. It’s no wonder that our team has won two Stevie Awards for their above-and-beyond attitudes.

Today, meet Lily Guy. Lily is one of the friendly faces you might come across if you’re ever building a guide.

“Lily is quick-witted and always jolly; her positive presence and impact on our clients swiftly puts to rest any fears that contacting our support team will be an odious and loathsome task.” -Jacob Wittenberg, Customer Success Manager

A chance to grow

Lily came to Guidebook by way of Florida where she, among other things, was a rowing superstar. Her employment at Guidebook was no “stroke” of luck. With experience in supporting trade shows and creating content for businesses, she was a perfect fit for helping Guidebook clients build great guides and get the most out of our platform.

For Lily, being a Guidebuilder is a chance to grow. “You can see from the beginning how you can take this position and mold it to what you want to do and how you want to grow in the company. You have a lot of freedom for creativity.”

The importance of process

On any given day, Lily is either supporting existing clients by showing them “how to get content into the guide in an efficient way,” or acting as a Guidebuilder and using her creativity to assemble custom guides and apps .

When Lily is handed a client to build their custom app, it’s all about making them comfortable with the process. From intro email to publication, she knows that communication is key. Lily has never shied away from an hour-long phone call to discuss a client’s vision for an app or holding training sessions to allow customers more autonomy when creating guides of their own.

Using Guidebook’s templates

Lily says that her favorite feature of Guidebook is the ability to easily upload templates into the content management system. This time-saving feature allows a client to create complicated lists or schedules in a snap – even out of content they’ve gathered well before they began the process of making an app.

“If you have a really complicated schedule, I recommend using templates. If you end up needing to make changes, it’s easier to do it all in one go than manually editing.”

upload templates

Love and pride

Lily remembers one particular client who was a joy to work with. He had such a positive experience with Guidebook, that he ended up recommending the platform to several of his colleagues. And, for Lily, seeing that sort of turnaround is what makes it all worth it.

“The reason I enjoy doing this is that I really enjoy talking to people and I like problem solving. I also enjoy the process of building apps for people, getting positive feedback and seeing how excited they are to have this technology.”

It also helps that Lily really loves Guidebook as a company and believes wholeheartedly in the product. “I have nothing but love and pride for the company that we work for. I’m always so excited to describe what we do, and I feel fortunate and to work here.”