Make a Splash with a Summer Camp App

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, working on your serve, or coding this summer, camp has always been a beloved summer tradition. Although there are many things that never change like bug bites, making new friends, and long summer days, there is always room to improve — out with the old, in with the new!

Why You Need a Fresh Spin on Old Tales

Despite summertime programs being a time-honored tradition, many camps are trading in their clipboards and pencils for more efficient digital technology. Did you know that summer camps are an $18 billion industry with over 14 million children and adults in attendance each year?

With the new wave of digital transformation, a wider range of summer camps are being offered, such as ones focused on STEM, coding, and robotics. Some camps are even exclusively made for adults and serve more as a nostalgic retreat. From a business standpoint, this lucrative and ever-changing seasonal landscape needs new ways to develop and keep up with growing demand.

Mobile technology is the perfect way to coordinate and execute any type of summer camp. Mobile is easy, accessible, and more and more people are growing dependent on it as technology becomes more integrated in our lives at an early age. With the flexibility of mobile, organizers save time and money updating programs as well as onboarding teachers and campers. Printing and re-printing brochures will be a thing of the past, and providing all the resources you need for teachers or counselors will be as easy as tapping their phones!  This saves time, money, and effort in the long run. Mobile content can also be saved and repurposed for future years.


Organization is absolutely key to any successful event or program, and with the capabilities of mobile, camp counselors, teachers, and organizers have more power to plan and do their jobs better. Enrolling your child or yourself in a program is an investment, and a scrollable mobile app ensures more promise than a flimsy brochure. For event organizers, you can track valuable metrics like how many campers downloaded the app, what content they utilized, and for how long in order to gauge interests and help decide future practices.

The Summer Camp App Checklist

Besides sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and a first-aid kit, here are things to check off your list when creating the perfect app for any type of summer camp.



Whether the summer program lasts a few days, a week, or over a month, it’s great to have every trip and activity planned ahead. Creating a calendar of events is a fun way to stay on track and keep everyone excited for what’s next. This also allows camp organizers to prepare and stay on top of time. Just because summer days are longer, doesn’t mean that days are endless!  


Games and Tutorials

Stock your app with all the awesome games and activities that will take place. We know that nobody likes to read the “how-to” card in a board game box, but sometimes a little guidance is necessary for a fun successful experience! Some camp activities, especially STEM and more technical heavy guides will come in handy. Did I mention that you can make changes and updates to your app at anytime?


emergency info feature 

Emergency Contact and Rosters

It’s all fun and games until someone get hurts. Avoid ensued panic by providing accessible emergency contact list and information such as the location of the first-aid kit or the nearest hospital for smooth sailing.  



Depending on the camp, some summer programs may include different venues and for field trips and activities. Integrate your app with Google Maps so that there will be absolutely no problem finding a location!



Mobile apps have the power to act as central locations of information — no over-bursting binders required. Keep important documents virtually like signed waivers for camp programs, consent forms, and other need-to-know details.


Photo Album

Summer is just a season, but the memories made can last a lifetime! Immortalize those happy moments and share them all year-round with photos neatly tucked away in a photo album. These galleries are collaborative and can be accessed by whoever has the app.

Even after all the campers have gone home, they can continue to access the app and share their photos and talk on a social wall! Unlike traditional camps, after the “so long for now,” people can still keep engaged and in touch. Looks like the start of some lifelong friendships!


Let’s Dive In!

The dog days of summer are still ahead of us and there’s plenty of time to create your app! With customized security options, you can allow who can and cannot access your guide. Guidebook makes it easy to create an app that fits your need no matter how many campers will be using it. Our self service plan is flexible without sacrificing any features or functionality.

With mobile technology, you can provide the most optimal and cutting-edge camp experience. What are you waiting for? Click the button below to start building your coolest new program tool!