How Life Science HR Professionals use Guidebook

Outstanding patient experience starts with investing in your most valuable asset, your healthcare professionals. As digital technology continues to integrate into multiple aspects of business, there is an enormous opportunity for medical companies to innovate their talent strategy. After all, ensuring that HCPs have the best resources and training will guide the highest quality interactions with patients. Teams who lack proper training or find themselves constantly disengaged at work not only put their company’s reputation at risk, but can cost millions in lost revenue.

Did you know?

  • Disengaged employees cost the US between $450-550 billion each year.
  • On average, it costs 400% of a high-level employee’s salary to replace them.

It is clear that a lot rests on the shoulders of HR to not only secure first rate talent, but to also keep them passionate and equipped for their roles. 

Mobile technology is the one-size-fits-all, multi-tasking solution that HR professionals need. Going mobile can support all phases of your company’s talent strategy and maximize your investment in your HCPs. Intranets and paper trails will be a thing of the past, as apps allow teams with no technical knowledge to create a centralized location for communication that is flexible, secure, and effective.

Here are some use cases of how a mobile app can be utilized for different teams.

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Achieving Commercial Excellence

Life Science companies have a special responsibility when it comes to the strict compliance and streamlining of their processes. A common use case for mobile is to strengthen communication across globally distributed teams. Instead of printing traditional compliance manuals and policy handouts, companies are providing a more convenient way for teams to access their information – on mobile. These documents often include updated protocols, policies, sales/marketing collateral, and FAQs. Administrators are able to instantly update content that staff have access to whether they’re at the office or in the field. This is especially helpful in the areas of compliance, when employees need to immediately access industry specific standards. In times of unpredictability, the ability to communicate last minute changes promptly is extremely important.  

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Innovating Onboarding

Onboarding new hires can often be tedious and time consuming. When it comes to the voluminous introduction of new materials, sometimes things can slip through the cracks. One of our top healthcare clients, who has a network of over 200,000 employees and 21,000 physicians, utilized an app to successfully onboard the newest additions to their workforce. Their HR app enabled a collaborative community to engage in lively discussion between their expansive and diverse personnel. Important handouts, essential checklists, photo albums, and up-to-date notifications were simply a tap away on employee mobile devices.

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Training & Meetings

Mobile apps are essential for internal communication teams who conduct various trainings and large meetings throughout the year. Instead of printing out stacks of manuals and handouts, healthcare professionals can access presentations and engage with other attendees on their mobile devices, which makes for a truly collaborative and interactive experience. Whether the meeting is product-related, a sales kick-off, or a leadership event, the flexibility of a mobile app is also scalable. For example, one of our clients hosts several trainings throughout the year as opposed to one training they held in the beginning of each year.

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Whether it’s a medical congress where the latest challenges in medicine are tackled or a team training where HCPs learn how to guide optimized patient interactions, mobile app technology can innovate a medical event of any size to the next level. Our clients utilize Guidebook to create guides stocked with agendas, maps, session and speaker directories, and more. Mobile apps can also help HCPs navigate through a tradeshow and provide resources on how to maintain their sponsor booth. One of our customers took advantage of mobile by using it to exceed expectations at their exhibitor booth with more than 5,000 physicians, scientists, and health professionals in attendance.

It is quick, easy, and cost effective for your life science company to go mobile – these are just some of the many ways that healthcare professionals have been able to utilize mobile technology! We are always launching new features and integrations to enable organizations to make the most of their app.

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