How Universities Can Leverage Mobile to Support Remote Students

Online classes have been increasingly popular over the last couple of years. In fact, one in three college students takes at least one online course; which is just over 6 million students enrolled in online courses, according to US News. These numbers reflect data from before the recent changes to life the global coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic is bringing. Today, universities around the globe classrooms and millions more students are moving to online learning. 

For students who are now transitioning to online learning, it’s important to provide additional support. A change in physical environment and lack of engagement with other students present a drastic shift to their learning environment. During this time, it’s important to provide a high level of support and communication to ease this transition and empower your students to thrive during these trying times.

If you’ve been using Guidebook for events on campus, you’ve got a handy engagement tool at your fingertips. Here are a few ways to leverage your campus app to support your newly remote student body. 

Keep students in the loop with push notifications

We know things are continuously changing and timelines are up in the air. Push notifications are an excellent way to communicate timely messages to your community.  

House important resources on mobile

Keep emergency response details, contact information, and other relevant materials in the app for easy access. Inform students that these materials will be available and regularly updated.

Take in feedback with Surveys and Polls

Let your students’ voices be heard. Make sending feedback convenient as possible for your students by creating a survey or poll to gather feedback on a certain topic or as a general outlet.

Encourage students to engage with one another

Moving from such a social environment into isolation is a huge change. Encourage students to stay connected with one another with Interact, Guidebook’s social feed. 

Case Study

Take note from Korea University College of Medicine, which moved its course materials and communications to an app. While created for an in-classroom environment, this single source of information lends itself extremely well to online learning. 

How Korea University College of Medicine introduced a mobile app to enhance student learning

With Guidebook, KUCM created a branded app that not only improves engagement with students but is also changing the way students learn. Through mobile, KUCM students now look to a single app to access course materials, engage with classmates, and even schedule counseling appointments. 

Both professors and students appreciate having a single source for information. During hectic time periods like final exams, students know to check the app for important timelines, schedules, and deadlines.