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Engagement is critical to employee happiness and retention, ultimately driving business gains. Whether your team works from a single office or signs on from locations around the world, we want each team member to feel valued. Making today’s remote employees feel connected comes with a unique set of challenges, and also new opportunities to use technology to stay engaged.

Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable

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Let’s explore ways organizations can leverage the Guidebook platform to further engage employees.

Support your employees with a beautifully-designed, content-rich mobile app. In addition to event-specific guides, you can create resource guides to keep employees engaged and informed throughout the year.

With a year-round resource guide, your team members won’t have to wade through cluttered email inboxes or navigate multiple websites to find the information they need. With mobile devices already in-hand, they can access important resources (including documents and videos) anywhere, at any time.

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How to Engage Employees Through Every Step with Mobile

Tips for engaging your workforce with mobile – from onboarding through executive communications.

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How Guidebook Uses Guidebook for Remote Work

Learn how our team utilizes the Guidebook platform to stay connected, even when working remotely.

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Beyond internal programming, consider using Guidebook for external events as well. We love to help teams communicate, deliver core content, and promote collaboration & connection — all while tracking key analytics. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel! The same tools you use to create powerful guides for internal programming can be leveraged to design robust guides for external audiences as well.

Client Story: TEDx MileHigh

TEDxMileHigh, the Denver-based TEDx organization, fosters an engaged community through a robust schedule of live and virtual events. With mobile, TEDxMileHigh improves audience engagement before, during, and after its events.

Learn how TEDx increased engagement with Guidebook.

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