Introducing Session Verification: Simplified Attendance Tracking

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new solution, Session Verification, that was designed to make it easier for organizers to manage attendance at their events, large or small, more efficiently.

Whether to control session capacity at a conference or to ensure participants receive credit after attending required courses, Session Verification is now available to simplify how you manage and track attendance.

What is Session Verification?

Created with organizers in mind, Session Verification enables designated staff to scan in attendees to a session, view a log of attendance records in real-time, and evaluate attendance data post-event.

We think Session Verification is the solution for many common challenges organizers face, giving you the ability to:

  • Prove a participant was present with accurate records of attendance
  • Eliminate paper sign-ins and reduce data duplication with exportable attendance reports
  • Cut down those lines and streamline door-entry with scannable QR codes

What’s New

With the addition of Session Verification, we’re bringing you a new set of tools to capture and track attendance.

New! Scan for Session Verification

Session Verification turns mobile devices into a tool to simplify how you track attendance. No need for paper lists or additional software, designated team members can now track and manage attendance right from the Guidebook-powered app. Session Verification is built right into the platform and works on mobile devices and tablets.

By simply choosing a session to manage from the Schedule, managers can use their phone’s camera to scan users’ unique QR code, all in the app. Don’t worry, if an attendee leaves their phone behind, team members can quickly enter an email address to pull up attendee details and verify.

This is made possible by the addition of:

Attendance Manager role

Need help managing door entry? We’ve added a new role to the platform – Attendance Manager – enabling you to grant team members access to manage attendance. Invite Attendance Managers and unlock a new set of tools that equip staff to scan in attendees and track attendance on the go.

Enhanced control of sessions

Want to cap off registration for a session at 25 guests? You can define registration limits for a session and opt to open up a waiting list, just in case your session fills up. Organizers can also choose to delay registration until a chosen date.

Insightful data

Rather than depending on a sign-in list; get an accurate view of attendee data on your mobile device or on Builder, in real time, as attendees are scanned in at the door. Then leverage exportable attendance records to pull out deeper insights into your event and attendees.

We put a lot of time into developing tools that improve event management. We know that proving the ROI of an event can be challenging, we hope the addition of Session Verification will be your new secret weapon.

Looking for more on our newest feature? Check out the support article on Session Verification.

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