Indiana Tech Increases Admitted Student Yield by 105%

Is an Admitted Students Day App the Right Choice?

Admitted Students Day is a crucial event for universities, providing an opportunity for prospective students and their families to experience the campus firsthand. However, Indiana Institute of Technology faced challenges with its traditional approach of using printed booklets for this event. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and engaging solution, the admissions team turned to technology and implemented an Admitted Students Day app. In this blog post, we will explore how this switch to a digital platform not only saved time and costs but also significantly increased student yield and improved the overall experience for attendees.

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indiana tech admitted students day app

The Challenge: Transitioning from Printed Booklets to an Admitted Students Day App

Indiana Institute of Technology, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, had been relying on printed booklets to provide information to attendees of their Admitted Students Day since 2015. However, this approach posed several challenges. The production of booklets required a significant amount of time and labor. Planning started months in advance and numerous departments were involved in the process. Additionally, the costs associated with printing booklets, envelopes, and last-minute correction inserts continued to rise.

Moreover, relying on printed materials limited the ability to make real-time updates, leading to outdated information. Attendees and their families often found it challenging to navigate through multiple papers. It hindered their ability to fully connect with the campus experience.

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indiana tech admitted students day app

The Solution: Implementing a Mobile App for Admitted Students Day

The admissions team at Indiana Tech attended an educational conference where they experienced the convenience of a mobile app for event management. The app was a streamlined and engaging way to share information with all event attendees.  Inspired by this, they reached out to Guidebook, a no-code app-building platform, to explore the possibilities of developing a digital guide for Admitted Students Day.

With no prior app-building experience, Indiana Tech admissions easily created and launched their custom digital guide using Guidebook for the event in 2021. This transition to a mobile app:

  • Allowed for real-time updates
  • Eliminated the need for printed materials
  • Provided attendees with a more interactive and personalized experience 

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andrea crilly indiana tech admitted students day app

The Results: Enhanced Experience and Improved Enrollment

The impact of implementing the university app was remarkable for Indiana Tech. The benefits of the app extended beyond cost savings and time efficiency:

Increased Student Yield: With the app in place, the student yield from Admitted Students Day attendees soared from 40% to an impressive 82% by 2023. This significant boost in enrollment demonstrates the app’s effectiveness in engaging prospective students and their families.

The Cost and Time Savings: Transitioning from printed booklets to the digital app resulted in a 29% reduction in costs compared to traditional materials. The direct savings from eliminating printing expenses, envelopes, and correction inserts were substantial. Moreover, the time required to plan and create the digital content decreased by a staggering 94%, with only two team members spending 25 hours or less on the app, compared to five employees investing 400 hours for booklet production.

Improved Engagement and Accessibility: The app’s interactive features allow for easy navigation, personalized schedules, and real-time updates. Attendees could access essential information directly on their smartphones, making it more convenient and eliminating the need to carry around multiple papers. This enhanced engagement contributed to a 128% increase in the influence of Admitted Students Day attendees, accounting for 32% of total enrollment, compared to 14% before the app’s implementation.

Embracing Digital Innovation

Indiana Institute of Technology’s successful transition from printed booklets to a campus app for their Admitted Students Day highlights the power of technology in improving the student and family experience while boosting enrollment. By embracing digital innovation, the university significantly increased student yield, reduced costs, saved time, and provided a more accessible and engaging platform for attendees. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative potential of mobile apps in higher education, paving the way for other institutions to enhance their admissions processes and campus experiences.

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