How Amazon Impressed its Developers with Guidebook’s Tech Conference App

tech conference app for AWS re invent

The Guidebook tech conference app powers AWS re:Invent

At Amazon’s big developer conference, AWS re:Invent, the developers in attendance used Guidebook to find their way around and interact with the conference organizers.

6,000 attendees from 62 countries

Attendees came to the three-day conference for technical bootcamps, guest speakers and educational sessions. As the official tech conference app, Guidebook made it easy for attendees to navigate more than 150 sessions, create their own personalized schedules, and even participate in a series of “Code Challenges” via the app.

“Our attendees are very tech savvy, and their most common comment was ‘this app is extremely polished.’ From an implementation standpoint, the app was easy to configure and the Guidebook team was great to work with.”

– Tracy Laxdal, Marketing Manager, Amazon

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