Guidebook’s Event Apps Make For Unmatched Attendee Experiences

At ReedPOP’s Star Wars Celebration, fans used a Guidebook-powered app to navigate the show on their own terms

Attending a major fan convention like ReedPOP’s Star Wars Celebration can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Navigating the giant show floor amongst a sea of stormtroopers, keeping track of the many panels, and grabbing exclusive merch is the work of a Jedi Master – no padawan learners here.

Luckily, ReedPop partnered with Guidebook to create an event app for Star Wars Celebration that kept all levels of Jedi happy.

With a beautifully designed and easily navigable show schedule, attendees were able to create their own personal schedules with built-in reminders to guide them through their four days in Anaheim – a crucial component for a convention with an impossible amount to do and see.

Interactive show floor and convention center maps embedded right into the app ensured that not a single Ewok was led astray during their time at the convention. With the ability to link sessions and vendors to map locations, any potential confusions about where to find a panel or a screening were completely eliminated.

Perhaps most importantly of all, attendees found that having the show’s crucial information right on their phones saved them from carrying around the stack of papers one would collect at conventions past. And that means more room for posters, autographs, and an extra hand for carrying your trusty lightsaber.

“It’s really useful just to have the whole panel schedule right in my pocket. With the paper programs, they end up getting wrinkled and unusable really quickly.” – Star Wars Celebration Attendee

You can create an app for your next event whether it’s a giant fan convention, a yearly sales meeting, or a low-key family reunion. It all starts in the same place. Sign into Guidebook today and start building an app for free to see just how easy it is!

May the app be with you.

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