Product Update: Guidebook Web 2.0

Whether you are managing an event or driving engagement throughout the year, we know that reaching your audiences is vital to success. Connecting you to your in-person and virtual communities, the Guidebook platform is accessible on your users’ mobile devices: in the Guidebook app or a branded app, and on Guidebook Web. This omnichannel approach cultivates powerful outcomes for you and your users. Seamlessly manage content for all of your audiences with Guidebook, and empower your audience members to find information effortlessly and participate fully — regardless of the devices they use.

We are excited to share the new look and our latest updates available on Guidebook Web. Now it is even easier to engage with your content and with one another virtually.

Guidebook Web’s New Look

Guidebook Web 2.0 enhances the user experience for your online audience. We’ve made exciting updates to the layout so online interactions more closely align with the ways your users navigate and engage on our mobile apps, creating a cohesive experience. 

A new navigation menu on the left side of your Guidebook Web page invites your audiences to explore your guide and discover everything Guidebook Web has to offer.

  • Users can easily find materials, from text documents to video presentations. 
  • We’ve also made it simple to build connections with other participants.

With Guidebook Web’s new look, online participants can get in on the action and make the most of the platform. Ease-of-use is our top priority so you can focus on delivering information and nurturing community. 

Engaging Content on Guidebook Web

In addition to improving the Guidebook Web experience overall, we wanted to give the Schedule special attention. The Schedule is often the heart of a guide, containing key content for your audiences. To enhance the schedule experience online, we’ve made these updates to Guidebook Web: 

  • Our new layout puts live sessions front and center for quick access.
  • Users can jump into discussions, contribute to polls, and connect with one another online. 

You can better serve in-person and virtual audiences alike with Guidebook’s enhanced web-based experience.

We know that participants who feel more present will get the most out of your programming. Use our improved Guidebook Web in conjunction with our native mobile app to create an engaging environment that nurtures your community. Each Premium guide comes with the web version at no additional cost to ensure you reach your audiences where they are.

Whether you are organizing events, serving students, or training employees, the Guidebook platform empowers you to support your in-person and virtual audiences across devices.

To learn more and get started with Guidebook, request a demo.