Guidebook Through the Years

Imagine this – you pick up a program booklet filled with colorful designs and small print. You see crowds spilling from ballrooms to breakouts and back. There are so many conversations to have, connections to make, and coffees to drink. How do you make sure you won’t miss out on great moments? What’s happening when and where? If this sounds familiar, it’s because Guidebook’s beginnings started exactly like this. In the midst of a conference, Guidebook’s co-founders were overwhelmed by the abundance of information and the lack of one place to find it.

Struggling to navigate complex convention schedules, Guidebook’s co-founders dreamt of an easy-to-use tool that contained all of the up-to-date information a user might need in the palm of their hand.

Since Guidebook’s founding, our primary focus has been the user experience. We want to delight users with a beautifully-designed platform that delivers content and drives engagement – wherever your attendees, students, employees, or other community members may be.

Let’s explore some of Guidebook’s platform highlights over the years.




Guidebook has diversified in its applicability across use-cases while distilling effective approaches to content delivery and user engagement. Let’s explore some key areas of our platform that we continue to refine.


Our Schedule feature has grown from a list of sessions to a robust tool for users and guide-builders alike. In addition to session details, the Schedule contains links to content within and beyond the app: speaker bios, presentation slides, auxiliary web pages, and more. Then, users can connect with one another via discussion chat and live polls. With the My Schedule feature, guide-builders can design personalized experiences for their users. Further, guide-builders can manage session registration and track attendance, capturing vital audience insights.

Sponsor Recognition

With a historic focus on events, Guidebook understands that event organizers serve multiple audiences – including Sponsors. With Banner Ads and with Sponsored Posts on the Interact social feed, event organizers can boost sponsor impressions. However, Sponsors are eager to cultivate relationships. In addition to eye-catching content on dedicated Sponsor pages, guide-builders can open communication channels like 1:1 chat, appointment-scheduling, and contact forms.

Campus Tours

Guidebook supports communities. Event attendees congregate to learn and share about topics of interest. Resources provided to employees help unite teams. Students & families seek to join campus communities.

The higher education space is particularly exciting for Guidebook as our multimedia tours enliven the campus visit experience, and our campus partners ensure students have the information and tools they need year-round. We assist current and prospective students navigating campus life and connecting with one another, whether they are in-person or virtual.

Omnichannel Strategies

Guidebook has hosted in-person, virtual, and hybrid programming on our platform over the years. Recent times have motivated us all to be even more dynamic, flexible, creative, and thoughtful about implementation. To better serve diverse audiences, we made it easier for guide-builders to incorporate video while leveraging discussions, live polls, surveys, and other networking tools. Also, with the launch of Guidebook Web 2.0, we revitalized the user experience to improve content delivery across devices.

Guidebook’s evolution spans more than a decade, and we are excited for the iterations and improvements to come. With our twin goals of informing and engaging, we are committed to fully supporting our clients as they design incredible experiences, cultivate relationships, and captivate audiences.

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