Guidebook and Association Member Events

Many associations leverage the Guidebook platform to deliver valuable content, drive member engagement, and capture timely analytics that informs their strategies year-round. Going mobile can expand your organization’s reach. Your members can instantly access key resources (including documents and videos) to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Apps account for 89% of mobile device time and provide the perfect opportunity to reach people where they already spend time!

We have found that associations using Guidebook tend to need to engage multiple audiences, such as staff, leadership, various sub-committees, regional membership groups, and more. How do you cater to the diverse needs of your organization’s varied audiences?

Let’s explore a few ways your association can leverage the Guidebook platform to further support your members.


Connect with your audience

With mobile, your members carry your community with them. They can network, collaborate, and learn anywhere they may be. Guidebook’s suite of engagement tools includes: Interact social feed, private chat, 1:1 meeting booking, live polls, surveys, and more.

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Engage with events

In addition to a long-term resource guide supporting the organization, you can create additional guides for specific programs. These could be internal or external events of any size, from half-day seminars to multi-day conferences.

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Use features creatively

Over the years, Guidebook has supported teams with programming in virtual, in-person, and hybrid settings.

Though the recent push towards virtual events has challenged some of our partners, we have seen many clients find success with virtual programming for their audiences. We have also seen many clients lean into hybrid programming instead, so they can embrace digitization while continuing to practice tried & true in-person strategies as well.


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Guidebook for events in practice

The Guidebook platform has grown in strength and in flexibility to best meet our partners’ needs. However you choose to connect with your audience, we are happy to support your organization in reaching your goals.

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Client Story: TEDxMileHigh

TEDxMileHigh, the Denver-based TEDx organization, fosters an engaged community through a robust schedule of live and virtual events. With mobile, TEDxMileHigh improves audience engagement before, during, and after its events.

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Thinking of reaching your members through virtual events?

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