Great Guides: University of North Carolina Wilmington

Here at Guidebook, we’re always proud and in awe of the amazing apps that our customers build using our mobile platform.

We’d like to feature this great guide that exemplifies how an app can reach thousands of people! The University of North Carolina Wilmington, UNCW, created a 2018-2019 New Student Orientation app that eases all the pain and uncertainty that first-years face when they enter college.

Every year, students enter university in the thousands. It can be a bit tricky to communicate with so many people, especially young adults who aren’t used to regularly checking their emails yet. UNCW’s orientation app provides all the resources that a new student needs to navigate campus!


Glance at the Guide

With the orientation app, students knew exactly where they needed to be and how to get there with a helpful calendar. Students were able to add sessions that were relevant to them and create customized schedules!

Before, during, and after, the app has proven to be useful at all stages of the student’s new journey. UNCW addressed burning questions like what to bring, how to check-in, where to get your ID card, how the student health insurance program works, and more.

Students & Stats

  • 5,700+ downloads. It wasn’t just a dozen of tech-savvy people, but almost 6,000 students actively using the app!
  • 94,600 guide sessions. The proof is in the numbers. The app was used almost 95,000 times!
  • 74.8 days spent in guide. Orientation lasts only a few days but students were using the app for more than a month! It was a useful tool for students before and after that time.

Great job, UNCW! You really schooled the orientation game. If you are curious to learn how mobile technology can help power your university’s next event, click the button below to start building.