Everything You Need to Know About Attendee Engagement

Our second shelf here at the Event Planning Resource Library is all about Attendee Engagement. Impacting our attendees is a hot topic these days, and with good reason. Why else are we holding events if not to impact the people who are attending them? The real trick of it all, however, is how are we impacting them, and what is the best way to do so?

These questions have been some of Guidebook’s most detailed explorations to date. From a company that builds an event app, it’s extremely important to us to understand what makes for a valuable attendee experience. We spend a lot of time thinking about why people attend events in the first place. If you can crack the code of what people’s underlying intentions are for seeking out events – you can deliver and knock it out of the park with value and ROI.

As you browse our attendee engagement shelf, think about how you can challenge your event’s status quo, see your event from your attendees’ perspectives and start producing experiences that make a huge impact on both its attendees and your business goals.

Your Call For Proposals Is Ruining Your Conference

Every conference has one – and the way you’re doing it right now might be killing any chance you have of planning an engaging event. Change how you find speakers and you’ll transform your conference for the better!

Should I Be Seeking Out Virtual Attendees?

The concept of a virtual attendee is a relatively new one – and the industry is still trying to figure out best practices on how to engage these people. The benefits of adding virtual attendees to an event, however, are many – and the emerging technology for doing so is already impressive.

Post-Event Engagement from the Pros

As we become better and better at engaging event attendees leading up to events and while they’re in our clutches during an event, attention is turning to post event engagement. That time after your event where attendees are still experiencing all of the warm fuzzies is critical to fostering community and repeat attendees. Gone are the days when you could take a breath afterwards and cruise for a couple months!

Use Mobile to Gather Attendee Feedback

Learn how UPCEA has been able to use a mobile app to make sure that feedback surveys are easily in the hands of their conference attendees.

The Psychology of Event Check-Ins

Smartphone technology has opened the doors to a lot of previously-undiscovered, sometimes bizarre human behaviors. “Checking in”, which is the process of announcing and recording your physical location using a smartphone app, is one of them.

Maximize Your Event Engagement and Make a Lasting Impression

We all want to plan engaging events. We want curious attendees and dynamic exhibitors. We want social shares and repeat customers. The truth is that your attendees are only going to drive so much of the event engagement. At the end of the day, it’s up to us – the organizers – to find ways to foster the connections that make an event meaningful.

The REAL Value of Networking

Attendees want to network. Meeting planners are seeking the mix of connection and community that attendees are looking for–through a critical understanding of their audience’s needs, analysis of the sociological benefits of meetings, and traditional networking coaching technique combined with new tools like meeting apps and social media.

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