The Complete List of Event Planning Revenue Resources

Welcome to the Revenue Resource Shelf in the Event Planner Resource Library! Here we have collected all of Guidebook’s best resources in the realm of revenue. If it has to do with event costs, you can find it here among our collection.

Money is always a top-of-mind subject when it comes to planning events. It has increasingly become the burden of event and meeting planners to get more and more for less and less. Many institutions seem to use the dawn of the digital age as an excuse to be cheap and unrealistic. Your boss says things to you like, “Advertising is free isn’t it? Send a tweet!” or “Send out a survey and get me the results by tomorrow.”

While it’s true that tech tools are making us more efficient and have the potential to save us money, it takes a lot of strategy to put those mechanisms into place. That’s why we’ve put together this package of resources on budgeting, research on what planners told us their revenue pain points are, how to maximize your sponsorships and keys to conversions in event marketing.

Event Marketing is Great, But Where Are the Conversions?

How to apply familiar content marketing strategies to your event marketing to increase the number of converted customers, the speed with which they convert, and the overall user experience.

The Reality of Event Budgeting

An eBook that covers budgeting for technology, paying for venue wifi and determining how much money you’ll actually need for your event app.

How To Waste Money on an Event App

We know that event apps are really valuable. They’re better for the environment, they make planners’ lives easier, and they cost less. It’s possible, however, to really mess it up–if you don’t have any downloads, what’s the point?

How You Can Cut Out Event Printing Costs Entirely

Event printing costs are near-impossible to predict, and they always seem to spiral out of control. You find yourself having to reprint to correct late-in-the-game changes or suffer the consequences of giving your attendees out-of-date materials. There has to be a better way, right?

Planners are ‘Over It’ With Event Costs

Event costs and budgeting concerns are the #1 challenge faced by event planners in 2014. 45% said budget is their primary concern in the 2014 State of Mobile Event Tech Report.

What’s Your Real Event App Cost?

To determine the real event app costs for organizations of all sizes and types, Guidebook published a 35-page report based on survey responses from more than 500 event app administrators–pro event and meeting planners who are event app power users.

Budgeting for Event Technology

Emergent technologies are important to your attendees–but many of them might seem out of range when you’re in the event budgeting phase. We spoke with vendors who cater to events of all sizes and budgets to help you understand what you can incorporate.

How to Get Event Sponsors (And Keep Them)

Event sponsors are often the difference between making revenue and breaking even. But the landscape is changing. Traditional sponsor packages aren’t efficient or intuitive enough to build long-term relationships with high-dollar event sponsors.

A Package Deal: Tell Your Event Sponsors What to Buy

A guide to packaging themes that resonate with brands, making it easier for sponsors to see the value, and inspiring creativity in your event team.

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