How Elastic improved attendee experiences at their annual user conference

Elastic{ON} 2017 is the annual user conference that brings together Elastic’s robust community of users, customers, and developers. During the conference, users are given the venue to share knowledge, learn about new and upcoming trends in data and technology, and discuss exciting applications of Elastic software. Combining panels with networking sessions, exhibitor booths, unique attendee experiences, and an exciting set of keynote speakers, Elastic{ON} always draws an engaged audience. This year, to support their conference goals, Elastic chose Guidebook as their event app partner.


To run a successful event, attracting registrants is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s important to make the attendee experience more fulfilling, so that they have a good return on investment with their experience and are eager to attend the following year. A good mobile app can enhance the experience by helping people stay on top of their schedule, learn about special offers and events, and connect with likeminded users.

However, not all apps are created equal. Elastic’s webmaster, Sylvie Shimizu, shared the three reasons why they chose to work with Guidebook:

  1. Ability to fully customize app design to match Elastic’s brand. Elastic had the chance to beta-test Guidebook’s revolutionary app dashboard, which allows users to fully customize the look and feel of their apps, in addition to building out their app contents. Elastic’s team was able to upload their assets and modify the color scheme of the app through our straightforward interface.

Sylvie adds, “The app dashboard was really easy to use, just like the rest of Guidebook’s platform. We were able to quickly set up our assets and create a color scheme that suited our brand. We launched our app ahead of schedule, and had visibility into the process every step of the way.”

  1. Ease of use. Although they had previously worked with other app providers, Elastic switched to using Guidebook primarily because they knew creating the app would be a breeze – and pricing was competitive. The friendly interface, easy data uploaders, and amazing support team were all things that Sylvie knew she could rely on.

“It was easy to build and update,” Sylvie shares. “Any time I had questions the support team was ready to answer them. I connected with different customer success agents, but all of them were great and willing to help!”

  1. A feature set that matches key conference requirements. The ability to represent a complex schedule, organize the show floor, and keep attendees engaged via a robust activity feed are all core features that are critical for a good event app to provide. Although many mobile apps offer a wide array of features, these key components are the most important to get right. In speaking with attendees at Elastic{ON}, and reviewing the data afterwards, it’s clear that the schedule is the most important feature.

Innovative tools like Mobile Admin have also helped Sylvie greatly. “I can send a push message from my device as the event’s going on. There are some last-minute updates we want to send out. I like that I can do this easily from my phone.”


If you run a user conference or an annual event for your technology company like Elastic, a well-designed mobile app can help your attendees maximize their time. Guidebook’s app dashboard allows you to create a beautifully branded white-label app, and have your app live in the app stores within seven days or less – all of which can be controlled through a straightforward, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get!) interface. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team.