DECA Built an Event App for Virtual Engagement with Guidebook

Back in 2021, the world had just been reshaped by the pandemic. Organizations had to rethink how they connect with their audiences. One such notable success story is DECA, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. When faced with the challenge of hosting their flagship event, the International Career Development Conference (ICDC), virtually, DECA turned to Guidebook to build an event app, transforming the way they engaged with over 17,000 international students.

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DECA event app

Event Apps Make Virtual Engagement Accessible

The Challenge: Going Virtual with Impact

The challenge for DECA was clear: How could they replicate the seamless communication and engagement of their in-person events in a virtual landscape? With ICDC being a month-long event packed with diverse programming, the need to effectively present schedules and resources was paramount.

The Solution: Mobilizing Event Access with an Event App

To bridge the gap and provide remote participants with a comprehensive event experience, DECA leveraged Guidebook’s platform. By turning their event app into a virtual hub, DECA hosted all relevant information and resources for attendees. The mobile app served as a one-stop destination for students to access event information leading up to, during, and even after the conference.

Empowering Virtual Attendees

The results of DECA’s collaboration with Guidebook were impressive. They successfully connected and informed over 17,000 international students throughout the virtual ICDC. Attendees were granted easy access to competition details, event schedules, and valuable resources, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Reimagining Engagement: A Month-Long Event

Traditionally spanning four days, ICDC transformed into a month-long event, giving international students an extended opportunity to participate. The conference app, powered by Guidebook, became the primary tool for over 17,000 participants to navigate the complex event schedules and access competition resources. The app also served as a connecting point between attendees and event sponsors.

Simplifying the Complex: Guidebook’s Role

DECA’s event schedule is nothing short of diverse and complex, with various programming, training sessions, and competitions. To ensure a smooth experience for every attendee, DECA’s organizers utilized Guidebook’s sophisticated schedule-building features to create event tracks. This organizational approach allowed attendees to navigate through weeks’ worth of schedules seamlessly.

DECA event app

DECA event app promotion

By the Numbers: The Event App’s Impact

The statistics speak for themselves, showcasing the effectiveness of DECA’s virtual engagement strategy:

  • Cumulative time attendees spent in the app: 30 days
  • Total app sessions during the conference: 54,000
  • Event schedule session views: 18,000

Schedule Tracks Save the Day

One valuable tip shared by DECA’s organizers is to create a high-level overview schedule and pin it within the app as the main event schedule. This approach guided attendees through curated tracks while keeping navigation organized and straightforward.

Effective Communication through Notifications

DECA utilized push notifications to communicate directly with remote participants. This approach proved especially useful in reminding students about important deadlines, sharing event resources, announcing competition finalists, and more. The app’s structure, divided by career clusters, allowed DECA to offer tailored event experiences to participants.

Empowering Sponsors: A Seamless Integration

DECA’s decision to go virtual prompted them to reimagine sponsor-attendee engagement. Rather than resorting to complex exhibit hall software, DECA offered sponsors dedicated sponsor pages within the event app. This streamlined approach allowed sponsors to engage students effectively, providing them with an organized platform to showcase their information.

A Successful Event App with Guidebook

DECA’s journey to pivot its flagship event through Guidebook’s platform showcases the power of innovation and adaptability. By embracing technology, DECA provided its emerging leaders with an equally engaging and informative virtual event experience.

Top Features Utilized:

  • Event schedule with multiple session tracks
  • Competition content and resources
  • Sponsor profiles and content
  • Live content links and push notification reminders

Back in 2021, the world demanded flexibility in a new way. DECA’s partnership with Guidebook demonstrated that even in challenging times, organizations can successfully connect with their audience through creative solutions and technology-driven experiences.

Check out the case study for the full story!