Community Management with Moderation Tools in Your Event Apps

As an event organizer, fostering a vibrant and engaged community is crucial for the success of your events. You can use an event app to facilitate connections, but you also need effective moderation practices to maintain a positive environment. Effective community management strategies can significantly enhance the overall experience for your attendees.

Developing Community Guidelines for Event Apps

Creating clear and comprehensive community guidelines is the foundation of successful community management. These guidelines set the tone for interactions and establish expectations for behavior within your event app and throughout the event. Let’s explore how you can do this with Guidebook.

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Rules of Engagement: 3 things you need to know to nurture your community

With the Interact social feed, session discussion boards, chat, and other networking tools, your users have many opportunities to connect and engage with one another through a mobile app

To create vibrant social spaces, follow these three simple rules:

  1. Establish norms
  2. Enforce expectations
  3. Empower your community

Establish Norms

Set expectations for the types of conversations you expect. Depending on your audience and the nature of your programming, include a Code of Conduct and other policies in your guide.

Encourage participation with prompts. Ask users how they started their day and have them share a photo of their coffee order. Seed discussions with interesting questions to get the dialogue flowing.

By clearly outlining acceptable behavior and providing examples of positive interactions, you help attendees understand how to engage respectfully and constructively. This prevents misunderstandings and promotes a sense of community and belonging.

Enforce Expectations

A thriving community space is accessible, inclusive, and secure. Trust is a crucial factor in users’ willingness to engage with one another. With moderation tools, you can enforce community norms efficiently.

Feature Highlight: Moderation Tools for Administrators

Moderation tools help administrators manage user-generated content efficiently. With at-a-glance views in Builder, administrators can quickly review user content, including text posts and photos. Administrators may choose to delete offending content or ban egregious offenders, ensuring a secure and inclusive environment.

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By empowering your community to self-moderate, you reduce the burden on your moderation team while fostering a sense of ownership and accountability among users. This collaborative approach helps maintain a positive and engaging atmosphere.

Empower Your Community

The moderation tools in Builder offer an efficient and convenient way to identify areas of concern. Since admins may not have the full context for conversations, the behavior metrics give more context. The metrics show how many reports a user received or submitted, the number of blocks, and more.  

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User Reporting and Blocking

Users can report other users and the content they post. They can also block other users, removing them and their content from view. Your community members’ actions populate the insights you see in Builder, allowing for more nuanced decisions.

By leveraging feedback from your community, you can refine your guidelines, improve moderation practices, and create a more responsive and dynamic environment. This ongoing dialogue between event organizers and attendees fosters deeper connections and enhances overall community engagement.

Empowering Users to Self-Moderate

Empowering users to take an active role in maintaining the community’s standards can significantly enhance the overall experience. By providing tools and features that allow users to report inappropriate content and block disruptive individuals, the environment will self-. And by actively seeking input from your community and involving them in decision-making processes, you demonstrate that their voices are valued and respected.

​​Ready to maximize engagement with a mobile app? Let’s chat! Empower your event planning with effective community management strategies and create a thriving, engaged community for your next event.

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