4 Ways to Build Your Event's Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty for your event is no quick fix – it’s like cultivating a solid relationship that thrives on trust. When a horde of folks genuinely loves and trusts what you’re all about, you’ve not just snagged repeat business; you’ve birthed a living, breathing team of event evangelists. But hey, let’s be real, building event brand loyalty is no overnight gig. It’s a journey that demands time and some tender loving care. The pros who nail it? They do it with purpose. Now, the big question: how do you kickstart the brand loyalty party for this year’s event? Let’s dive in!

Build Brand Loyalty

1. Create excitement around ticket sales to build brand loyalty

Build excitement early. Spread the word about tickets will go on sale – it can be a game changer. Hit up social media channels – shout it from the rooftops. Get people pumped to sign up for notifications or snag their tickets pronto.

Thinking about boosting that brand loyalty? Throw a cool kick-off party, drop a press release, and watch the buzz and early social sharing take off. Or, for some strategic moves, flick the switch on your session registrations in your mobile app at just the right time. Trust us, nothing beats the buzz of anticipation!

And here’s a pro tip for building a true fan base: consider a pre-sale with awesome perks for those super-loyal attendees who keep coming back for more. Let the excitement begin!

2. Offer unique experiences to turn attendees into fans

Imagine this. You get whisked away to VIP seats or have exclusive access to intimate, VIP-only Q&A sessions with speakers. How cool would that make you feel?

Adding personal and direct touches can change the game. Fans remember how you make them feel. And the cooler the experience, the more they’ll naturally rave about it. Throw in some surprise gifts and giveaways, and you’ve got instant goodwill that’s bound to light up Instagram and Twitter feeds.

3. Strategies to build excitement about your event

Let’s talk about hyping up your upcoming event. Are you hosting social media giveaways before the big day? It’s not just about the freebies; it keeps the buzz alive way after the event wraps up and gets more people involved – and you know what that means, right? Building some serious loyalty vibes.

Now, don’t sleep on the magic of personal connections. Imagine this: call up your giveaway winners yourself, or better yet, record the whole thing on a laid-back Google Hangout and throw it up on your YouTube channel. Genuine happiness spreads like wildfire, and guess what? It’ll make you feel pretty darn good too!

So, while we’re on the topic of building hype, here are a few extra ideas for you. Spill some behind-the-scenes secrets on social media. Drop teaser videos, or get your speakers and performers to share sneak peeks. The more you make people curious and excited, the more unforgettable your event will be!

4. Boost your brand with piggybacking

Ever heard the saying, “You’re as good as the company you keep”? Well, it applies here. Think about those thought leaders and top-notch brands in your industry that already have a fanbase. Now, hitch your event to their awesomeness.

Get your attendees to interact with brands and leaders at your event. Showcase brands through guest interaction via hands-on activities, physical pamphlets, or components that can be shared on social media. Give guests the tools to evangelize their experience.

How do you build brand loyalty at your event? What are the ways you turn your attendees into fans?