Beyond Events: Using Guidebook to Engage Your Community Year-Round

Guidebook powers events of all shapes & sizes. Our clients seek an impactful solution to share content, drive user engagement,

and measure their successes – all in one easy-to-use platform.

The same tools can support your communities year-round. Here are a few ways our partners use Guidebook for long-term guides:

  • Resource guides for employees
  • Member Engagement guides for associations
  • Student Life guides for higher education
  • Parks & Tourism guides for cities

A schedule will help folks keep track of general programming and key deadlines. A mobile resource full of content (including documents and videos) that’s always up-to-date and ready-at-hand will be invaluable to any audience. 






Then, you can deploy our engagement suite to communicate with your users and encourage them to connect with one another. With decreased in-person interaction in recent times, our networking tools are available for you to prompt discussion, drive collaboration, and capture feedback through the app.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are resources that show how you can leverage the Guidebook platform in new ways. We also have guide templates based on successful clients’ designs to spark your creativity.

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