How Baylor Promoted Their Orientation App with Video

Guest Author: Derek Byrne, New Student Programs, Baylor University


When Baylor New Student Programs decided to use Guidebook for our summer Orientation sessions, we wanted it to be a significant part of each student and family’s experience.

We made a video to showcase the orientation app

In order to showcase the full range of features available within a digital schedule, we created a short promotional video to accompany the launch of the app.

Each year, an email from our department goes out to students one week before their Orientation session. Thanks to Guidebook, they were able to access a comprehensive schedule with links and other resources at that time. The video was added to the email in order to allow users to get started in Guidebook before their session began.

A walk-through of the app’s features

A concise set of instructions for downloading and using the app was included in the video. We introduced users to the ability to view and customize schedules so they could prepare before their arrival on campus and make the most of their Orientation.

Guidebook from Student Learning & Engagement on Vimeo.

In short, the Guidebook app with a video supplement created a user-friendly process from start to finish.

Getting the video just right

We began the video production process by writing a script, and were careful to write in every feature we wanted to include in the video. We used the script as our guide when recording both the audio and video clips.

If we hadn’t been able to follow this guide, it’s likely we would have missed something when recording. It also allowed us to cut anything unnecessary, so we were able to keep the video as short as possible. The finished product was right around 90 seconds.

Branding Baylor orientation

Once we had a satisfactory script, we recorded the intro and outro in a place that would showcase the beauty of Baylor’s campus. (We had Misha, a member of our staff, wear a New Student Programs polo in order to brand our department and send a clear message: When you’re here for Orientation, the people in the green polos are happy to help you!) Then we recorded the rest of the video by strictly following the script. We first recorded the video, then the audio.

Since we shot both in the same order, editing the footage together and combining audio and video was a quick process. Titles were added, and the video was ready to go!

The Guidebook orientation app experience

We’ve never used Guidebook for Orientation before, but we’ve been extremely pleased with the results and use of the app so far this summer. Many sessions’ guides have been downloaded more than 400 times in the days before the sessions began, and usually hit 700 downloads the day of the session. (Each of our sessions includes approximately 315 students, with most students bringing at least one parent or family member.) When our volunteers mention Guidebook to students at Orientation check-in, the students usually respond, “I’ve already been using it.”

Creating the video was a great way to increase Guidebook adoption among students and families and enable them to maximize its functionality.