An Association App is for More Than Just Events

Today, having an association app for events and year-round communication has become increasingly common. With millions of apps available in app stores, thousands are association-branded, allowing members to access instant information in the palm of their hands. As people spend more time on their mobile devices, the demand for mobile-optimized experiences has increased, and clunky, antiquated websites are no longer adequate. In this post, we will explore the benefits of having an association event app, a year-round app, and the sponsorship opportunities that come with it.

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Using an association app for events

An association event app is essential for enhancing the event attendee experience and for managing important aspects of the event. The app allows event organizers to schedule and track events, share documents, and provide experiences for attendees. This tool also enables organizations to increase member engagement, as members can receive push notifications for event updates and other relevant information. 

One of the most significant advantages of using an association event app is the ability to keep everyone informed. Rather than relying on paper pamphlets, organizations can schedule push notifications to update members on the latest information, Members can also access important documents at any time, and they can connect and network with each other, which encourages engagement and fosters a sense of community.

Learn how CIVSA, a national association, saved thousands of dollars when their team created an event app for their annual conference. 

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Going beyond events for year-round engagement

Association apps are not just useful during events; they can also be used year-round. Organizations can keep members engaged and help members build meaningful relationships with each other by providing users with new information, updates, and opportunities to connect through direct messages and a social feed. 

Organizations that decide to invest in a year-round association app can benefit in many ways. Improved member engagement is a major benefit, but it’s not the only one. The app can also help organizations retain current members. One effective way to retain members is to offer exclusive content and resources through the app. This could include access to industry reports, research papers, or training materials that are not available elsewhere. By providing members with unique and valuable content, the app can help demonstrate the association’s value proposition, making it more likely that members will renew their membership.

A key strategy for helping members feel connected is to provide ongoing support and engagement opportunities. This could include regular check-ins from association staff or volunteers, personalized professional development recommendations, or mentorship program access. When this strategy is applied, an association app can demonstrate a commitment to member success and help build trust and loyalty among members.

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Paying for your app with sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are another advantage of using an association event app. By adding sponsors to the app, organizations can provide value to their sponsors at and beyond the event. During an event, an association app increases exposure for sponsors because, in addition to seeing a sponsor’s banner or booth, app users will also see their digital ads and logo within the app. And if the app is used year-round, there’s even more opportunity for ad visibility. 

When organizations build an association app with Guidebook, the app automatically collects data like ad clicks and page views. And the sponsors can create surveys or forms to get direct feedback from association members. Continued sponsor ad engagement and metrics reporting can help organizations demonstrate the value of their sponsorship packages and retain their sponsors. And sometimes sponsorships can completely cover the costs associated with building the app.

Getting the most out of an association app

It is important to note that association event apps are not one size fits all. Organizations must consider their unique needs and goals when building an app. A good app should provide the necessary features to meet the organization’s goals, including scheduling, communication, and document sharing. The app should also be easy to use, visually appealing, and optimized for mobile devices. Organizations must also ensure that the app is compatible with their existing systems and can integrate with other tools.

A no-code app builder, like the Guidebook platform, makes it easy to create and manage your app. And our top-rated support team is with you for every step – we’ll even help you get your app on the major app stores. Build your association app with Guidebook to engage with your association members. Schedule a short call with our team. We’ll listen to your ideas and help you find the right plan for your organization. If you are ready to build an app for your association, start here.