Cover Pages: The Next Generation of Guidebook's Web-Based Guide Experience

What is Cover Pages?

Today, we’re proud to announce Cover Pages, the next generation of our web-based Guide experience. We’ve long-believed that having a web-based companion to a Guide enhances the overall user experience, as well as enriches a Guide owner’s promotional tool set. In support of these beliefs, we’ve maintained several web-based Guide experiences over the years. The Cover Pages project not only represents our continued commitment to Guides for web, but also represents our desire to deliver and maintain cutting-edge products across our product line.

What were the goals?

  • Zero heavy lifting for Guide builders.

Similar to our old landing pages, we wanted to make sure that our new Cover Pages were easily accessible and automatically created upon Guide publish. With Cover Pages, users will be able to obtain their new page URLs for immediate Guide promotion and customize their Cover Pages with new information and Guide features, such as schedule and speaker information.

  • Refreshed look and feel.

As Cover Pages is the next generation of our web-based Guide experience, we wanted to make sure we built out a new landing page product that reflected the visual spirit of our mobile apps.

  • Surface up-to-date Guide information in a responsive single-page web experience.

Not unlike our previous landing pages, we wanted Cover Pages to function as a single-page experience that delivers far more information and value than ever before. Cover Pages only show most recently-published Guide data across a clean, easily-digestible web format across all devices.

  • New ways to encourage Guide downloads.

Cover Pages weren’t built to render Guide downloads unnecessary. Rather, they’re meant to make some important Guide content accessible across devices while encouraging Guide downloads by acting as a preview for your Guide.

What’s New?

Users, don’t be alarmed — we haven’t made this tool hard to use! The basic Cover Page is essentially the same as our old landing pages, except that it has a revamped look and feel. Once a Guide is published, a Cover Page with general Guide information is generated and easily accessible and shareable with your audience. This includes download links and a texting feature for quick access to your Guide.

Additionally, Guide builders will now be able to add several new Guide features to their Cover Page to surface published Guide information on their pages. This can be done through the new Cover Page builder interface introduced today. You can access the Cover Page builder today through your Guide’s dashboard.

As always, we are continuously iterating and improving our products via usage metrics and feedback. Have questions on to configure your Cover Page or just want to learn more? Check out our support article for additional information. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think!