Celebrating 6 Years of Partnership with Ex Ordo - Mobile Apps for Scholarly Events

Just over 6 years ago, Guidebook and Ex Ordo signed a partnership to deliver mobile apps, to scholarly event organizers. Today, Guidebook is delighted to announce the long-term partnership with Ex Ordo, a leading provider of scholarly events software, is extended. 

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Much has happened in the 6 years of partnership delivering Ex Ordo Mobile. The app platform is supported by Guidebook technology and is an add-on to the core Ex Ordo system. Conference organizers can easily build and publish an elegant mobile conference app for Android and iOS so delegates can conveniently navigate their events right from their phones. 

A message from the Ex Ordo CEO

In the 6 years of the partnership, an enormous 2.5 million mobile sessions have taken place by researchers in the Ex Ordo Mobile app. Taking a moment to reflect, Ex Ordo CEO Paul Killoran had this to say about the 6 years:

Six and half years ago, I flew halfway around the world to sign the contract with Guidebook. I had a good feeling about this relationship, and I wanted to meet the people behind the app that all of my customers were talking about.

We’ve renewed our contract twice since my trip to San Francisco in 2017, and in February of this year, our partnership moved to a new level, one without any end date. I remember sitting across the table from Jeff Lewis (Guidebook’s CEO) in our first meeting when I told him that a partnership was like a marriage. I guess we’ve now crossed the rubicon of a relationship without an end date.

We were innocent back then to all the challenges that the world faced over the next 6 years (the impact the pandemic would have on the events industry), but what has remained steadfast is our commitment to each other and to the events industry at large. We consider ourselves very lucky to work with the great people at Guidebook, and together, we’re bringing digital mobility to the community of scholarly events.

A message from the Guidebook Partnership Manager

Our partnership manager, Matthew McHugh, had this to say about the partnership.

“Our platform handled the structure of scholarly events data well, but we didn’t have an easy way to get that specific type of data imported and set up. Ex Ordo had amazing data and great exports, though they didn’t have a mobile offering of their own. This was the genesis of our partnership. Once we saw the value our relationship had for our mutual clients, an integrated partnership was inevitable! 

It’s been amazing working with the Ex Ordo team over all these years. We’ve grown together, and we’re all really close. There’s something to be said about the synergy between two organizations that share the same values and also the same quirky (yet delightful) sense of humor!”

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The extension of the 6-year partnership builds on Ex Ordo’s commitment to time and stress-saving features, connecting the wider scholarly events workflow. A seamless integration between Ex Ordo and Guidebook allows scholarly event organizers to sync their program from the Ex Ordo core system to the mobile app. Simply click a button, and that’s it.  Conference organizers and finally save time and reduce admin stress. 

As Matthew and Paul stated, there has been a lot to celebrate through the close connection between Guidebook and Ex Ordo and built over the years, some of it has been captured, and here is a collection of photos to show just a small part of our journey together:

Ex Ordo and Guidebook team

Paul made the long trip to San Francisco to meet the Guidebook team

Contract is signed to deliver Ex Ordo Mobile


Contracts are signed, and a new partnership begins

A first look at the Ex Ordo Mobile app powered by Guidebook

A first look at the Ex Ordo Mobile app powered by Guidebook

Ex Ordo and Guidebook meet at AWC2018

Ex Ordo and Guidebook meet at AWC2018

Ex Ordo and Guidebook meeting at ASAE Tech in 2019 for mobile app

Ex Ordo and Guidebook meeting at ASAE Tech in 2019.

Matthew's dinner on his trip to Galway

Matthew wanted everyone to see his dinner from his trip to the Ex Ordo offices in Galway. Looks delicious, right?

Ex Ordo and Guidebook meet at ASAE in 2023 to promote the mobile app

In our most recent shot, Ex Ordo and Guidebook meet at ASAE in 2023. 

Six years of synergy

There’s much to celebrate over the past 6 years, the partnership that helps deliver Ex Ordo Mobile. 

The app itself gives the creative freedom for conference organizers. They can design their very own branded mobile apps, customized with their own theme colors and logos. Delegates can download it directly from Google Play or the App Store. At Ex Ordo, our support goes above and beyond. We want both delegates and the organizing team to have the best mobile experience possible. So, scholarly event organizers can rest assured Ex Ordo will be with them every step of the way. 

If you want to learn more about the Ex Ordo Mobile conference app provided through our long-term Guidebook partnership, sign up for our open demo on Wednesday, 15th May 2024, at 4 pm GMT or 11 am EST, or feel free to reach out to sales@exordo.com and they can give you a quick walk-through.