4 Ways to Boost Employee Training with Mobile Apps

Your employees spend a lot of time with a smartphone or device in their hand. On average, people spend more than three cumulative hours a day on mobile devices. On top of that, most check their phone at least once an hour.

Given those statistics, it’s no surprise that mobile employee training is on the rise. Employers who offer mobile training and learning opportunities can turn all of that screen time into a productive learning environment for their organization.

A Change in Learning Styles

When baby boomers ruled the day, it was acceptable for employers to offer training through computer-based software or even in-person learning. But most estimates show that millennials will make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020. This generation was raised on technology, and they are redefining the way employees work and learn.

Many younger millennials adopted mobile phone use at an early age, and they are comfortable working and learning on handheld devices and tablets. Providing them with mobile learning opportunities will keep them engaged with your content and motivated to learn new skills.

As technology improves and millennials enter the scene, learning patterns are shifting. Surveys show that 58 percent of employees would be more likely to use their employer’s online training tools if the content was broken up into shorter lessons. Today’s learners also prefer other sources of media, including videos, podcasts, and audio.

Mobile applications are ideal for creating informative, bite-sized learning opportunities. Employees can access lessons quickly and easily at their convenience. Best of all, shorter lessons may improve engagement and retention. Studies show that offering training on mobile devices can increase productivity up to 40 percent.

How to Boost Employee Training with Mobile Apps

If you’re willing to make the jump to mobile, consider these tips for boosting employee training with mobile learning:

1.) Offer compliance training on the go.

It can be difficult to motivate employees to put responsibilities aside and complete compliance training within a stipulated time frame. Offering this training on a mobile platform allows employees to complete the training from anywhere — even without WiFi access. This can increase completion rates and improve your employees’ attitudes about having to complete the training in the first place.

2.) Supplement formal training.

Sometimes there’s no way around formal in-house or online training. However, you can supplement formal training with videos, activities, and examples that can be accessed on mobile devices. Many employees check their phones in the morning or before going to sleep at night. Provide them with supplemental learning opportunities that will help them get more out of formal training sessions.

3.) Make it a game.

Gamification can provide an immersive experience that tests the concepts an employee just learned. For example, employees may complete safety training and then play a game that tests their knowledge in the same situations they encounter on the job. Game-based mobile apps can improve engagement and help those with a hands-on learning style improve their retention. You may find some of these features built into your learning management system; if not, do some research on third-party gamification apps, and find a solution that integrates.

4.) Break away from PowerPoint.

Employee attention spans can’t always outlast an 86-slide PowerPoint deck. There are better ways to present new information than forcing people to read through it linearly, item by item. Interactive PDFs, for example, can be accessed on any device, and they give employees more control over how and when they learn. Employees may choose to click on certain topics to expand their knowledge and watch integrated videos. You can also create e-books, whiteboard animations, videos, and audio recordings to break away from traditional computer-based training methods.

* * *

All kinds of businesses create their own training programs through mobile applications. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can use Guidebook to create compelling, engaging lessons that your employees can access anywhere.

Megan Pacella is a contributor for TechnologyAdvice.com, with specializations in HR, employee training, B2B marketing, and sales. She has also written for USA Today, Bearings Guide, 10Best Nashville, and other publications.

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