11 Proven Ways to Increase Event App Downloads 

You’ve invested lots of time and effort into building your perfect event app, and now you’re excited to see your downloads skyrocket. However, the smile may disappear from your face once you see the real download numbers. Why? Because, even though creating a great event app is important, without the right promotion it won’t catch much user attention.

There might be numerous reasons behind low downloads, from poorly communicated app value and wrong choice of channels to the lack of advertising. Without knowing the right promotion tactics, your app is likely to remain unnoticed despite its potential. In this article, we’ll explore 11 proven ways to increase your app downloads. 

1. Make your app part of the registration

Registration is the first touch point between you and your attendees, and it’s a great time to introduce your app. Make sure your registration page not only mentions all the details of an event but also explains how using an event app can enhance the event experience. Craft a compelling copy and include the key benefits of an event application

Paper handouts? Old story. All the schedules, valuable info, guides, and brochures will be digital in the app. Promote the idea that if your attendees want to stay in the loop, be the first to know about all the event updates, and enjoy early networking, they’ll need an app. Explain that the sooner they download the app, the sooner they’ll dive into the event atmosphere. 

increase event app downloads


2. Add your app to the event website

The event website is a great venue to tell about your mobile app — it’s free, totally controlled by your organization, and you can get insights into user behavior with the help of analytics tools. Besides, if your website is SEO-optimized, it can also help you drive organic traffic to your event app.

While designing your event web page, leverage the power of visuals. Include demo videos of your app to showcase its amazing features your attendees wouldn’t want to miss.

Make the CTAs and download buttons visible and persuasive. 

In addition, a clear description of the app on the event website helps to reduce app bounce rates, as users know what features to expect from the app before downloading it. 


3. Use pop-up advertisements

In simple words, a pop-up ad is a new window that opens while you’re browsing a page. Using pop-ups generally helps to increase conversions by 35% so it can be a useful tool for promoting your app.

You can use a pop-up on your event website and set a trigger when you want it to appear on the page, e.g. after a user spends a certain amount of time on the website or reaches a particular part of a page. Just make sure to use them smartly and don’t be too pushy — annoying pop-ups every two seconds will drive your users away.

A successful pop-up advertisement should be visually appealing and catchy. Include an event download link or a QR code in the pop-up window and add a convincing message. Communicate the value of your app and mention exclusive offers.

increase event app downloads

4. Implement QR codes 

QR codes are easy to generate and way more convenient to use than links. You can implement them everywhere where you talk about your app — on social media, your event website, emails, or event on printed handouts if you have them. QR codes are versatile and can be used for various purposes.

Make sure to place QR codes at the event venue so attendees can easily install the app during the event if they haven’t done it before. Place big QR codes at the registration desk and vendor booths so you can lure attendees into downloading the app by offering faster registration than standing in a queue. If you have big screens and banners, don’t hesitate to show QR codes there.


5. Utilize social media

Social media is a great channel not only for interacting with your followers but also for using as a platform for marketing your event app. Share some sneak peeks from an upcoming event and add the description of your app, mentioning its importance for the overall experience.

Be consistent and share your content regularly to foster strong relationships with your potential attendees. Encourage those who’ve already downloaded the app to share their achievements on social media. This way they’ll motivate others to download the app as well.

6. Partner up with influencers

Influencers, with their large followings and authority in specific niches, can serve as powerful advocates for your app. By collaborating with them, you can leverage their reach and credibility to showcase the unique features and benefits of your app to a broader audience. 

Create partnerships where influencers share their genuine experiences using the app in the lead-up to and during events. They can post tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks, and other engaging content that highlights how the app enhances their event experience. 

Additionally, consider providing influencers with exclusive codes they can share with their followers, offering discounts or special access. To ensure clarity and professionalism, have an influencer contract template ready to outline the specifics of the partnership, including deliverables and compensation.

7. Launch email sequences

Tell users more about your event app by running a drip email campaign. It is a series of automated emails sent to people who take a specific action on your website. The main benefit is that it allows to deliver personalized content to potential users, nurturing their interest over time. 

Divide recipients into segments based on their actions on your website and send emails with the information they are interested in the most. You can set custom triggers for ‘when’ and ‘which’ emails should be automatically sent. 

Say, after a person buys a ticket to an event, they will first receive a welcome letter that mentions the app. After that, there will be a follow-up email disclosing unique in-app features. Finally, there might be a reminder email with a FOMO message encouraging attendees to install the app.


8. Run paid ads

Paid ads are an effective method to drive app downloads, event thought they might require more significant expenses. The main benefit is that you can target a specific audience. If you use retargeting, you can reach users who have already engaged with your website, but haven’t downloaded the app yet. 

The performance of paid ads is very easy to measure, so you’ll know for sure what is working and what doesn’t. Experiment with different ad layouts and A/B test. To cut costs, you can use various templates or create ads using AI. Remember that even if your ads receive a low click-through rate, they still play a crucial role in enhancing your brand awareness and increasing overall visibility.

9. Add user incentives

Motivate your users with unique features available in-app only, like extra resources or some rewards. Encourage social sharing by offering exclusive content and features. Your users will appreciate these exclusive benefits, and you’ll see increased app visibility as they share their positive experiences.

Employ gamification with various bonuses, points, and leaderboards. This competitive element inspires users to share and take pride in their achievements, further promoting your app.

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10. Encourage onsite downloads

If your attendees haven’t installed the app before the event, you still have plenty of opportunities to encourage them to do so onsite. The location of the event can become a part of app download promotion. 

Create visible and eye-catching banners with QR codes and place them at the venue. Make sure there’s stable and strong Wi-fi, so your attendees can install the app in a matter of seconds. Additionally, consider setting up help desks or kiosks where staff can assist with app downloads and highlight its key features.


11. Measure and analyze performance data

To take your app download marketing to the next level, you’ll need robust analytics. Analyze and measure your results regularly. This will help you to gradually improve your strategy and boost app downloads. 


Here are a few things to consider:

  • Define clear event app metrics and KPIs from the very beginning of your campaign.
  • You can use UTM codes to monitor the sharing of your campaign.
  • You can track the source of your conversions with discount codes.
  • Get feedback straight from the horse’s mouth to know what to improve — use call center software or include feedback features in the app.
  • Use cohort analysis to understand user retention and engagement trends over time.


Maintaining a high download rate for your event app may seem daunting, but it’s entirely achievable with the right strategy and focus. The 11 tactics we’ve discussed in the post have been proven to significantly boost app downloads. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your app’s visibility and attract more users. Don’t hesitate to put these tips into practice and watch your download numbers soar.

Nadia Basaraba

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Nadia Basaraba is a Marketing Specialist at Coupler.io, a data analytics and automation platform. She’s passionate about content creation and data-driven marketing. Apart from experimenting with marketing tactics, she’s an avid reader and traveler.